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I have a IS-TV040919. I hooked up my DVD player and also I have actually no color. I have actually tried anypoint and also every little thing making use of all the ports I have the right to.

Insignia™!Tright here are a couple of points that can be bring about this. The a lot of most likely problem is that it is associated wrong. If your DVD player connects with the 3 colored connectionsm then you need to use the relationships on the left side of the TV or on relations on the earlier. The 3 plugs on the appropriate hand also side if you look at the earlier are the ones you need. If you have the 5 colored cables then it should be on the back to the left side of the compowebsite link. You will likewise have to inspect the connections on the DVD player to encertain it is connected properly tright here as well.Regards,JeremyInsignia™ Support


Hello Gabby,Thank you for responding!Tright here may be a setup on the DVD that needs changed. It might be in the develop of a slide switch on the earlier of the unit that has Y/PB/PR on one side, and also Video on the other. You will certainly want it set to video. Or the setting may be in the DVD display/video menu, under gradual sdeserve to, which you would certainly want to have turned off if your utilizing the yellow/red/white link. What is your DVD model information, and also are you presently using the yellow/red/white, or the green/blue/red/red/white 5 cord connection?Regards,JonInsignia™ Support

Hello Gabby,Thank you for responding!Your player has actually a service dubbed Progressive Shave the right to that I think is turned on, which have the right to reason this babsence and white photo concern you"re having actually. It reflects you can either rotate off progressive shave the right to in the dvd screen menu, or you can host the "Setup" button on the DVD remote for even more than 3 secs, and also it have to disable that organization.Regards,JonInsignia™ Support
The just point via that is when the dvd player is plugged into an additional tv it is fine. And I have actually tried multiple dd players on the tv.
Hello Gabby,Thank you for responding!If the Player mirrors effectively on a different TV through the very same hook up, and various players all have the same worry with this TV, then that does imply that the TV Composite connections are no much longer functioning properly. If that is the instance it puts it right into a repair/replacement instance. I would certainly indicate gaining a pair estimates from local Authorized repair solutions, but prior to having any kind of job-related done, examine sales adds for brand-new TV prices. Unfortunately, because of how rapid the modern technology is turning over, in the majority of instances replacing is more cost efficient.Regards,JonInsignia™ Support
I hooked up a DVD player to my television but it does not show shade. I have actually tried reconnecting them and nopoint has functioned. please help

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Insignia™!What is the version # of the Insignia devices you are working with? It must start via a NS-.Regards,JonInsignia™ Support

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