Dear Tom and Ray:I have actually a 1998 Honda CR-V through about 189,000 miles on it. A month or 2 earlier, the Check Engine light came on, and also a scan said I had 2 negative oxygen sensors. I had actually them changed. Then, a few weeks ago, the car started stalling while driving. The Check Engine light came on aget, and this time the scan sassist "Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshost." No difficulty. I had actually the catalytic converter readjusted. The automobile still stalled. I readjusted the ignition coil, distributor cap/rotor, spark plugs and wires, and also cleaned out the idle air manage valve. When I pulled out the spark plugs, they looked normal. The vehicle still stalled. It seemed like it was the worst going up a hill around 60 mph, and also it seemed like it got worse if the air conditioner was on. I took it to the dealership, and also they tried informing me that the catalytic converter that was put on was too little. So I lugged it ago to the muffler shop. They told me there's no method it's the wrong size, however they have actually excellent customer company, so they'd execute it anymethod. Before he pulled the "old" one off, he sassist he drove the automobile and also noticed that the converter was getting cherry-red warm. When he pulled out the old catalytic converter (it had been on just around 10 days), he said it had actually been melted! Somepoint is running so hot that it's melting the catalytic converter in less than 2 weeks! I know it's losing some oil, yet various other than that and also the stalling, the auto runs good. It starts up every time, and also it runs smoothly. I don't really think that gas mileage has actually been influenced either. When the automobile stalls, we have to wait almost everywhere from five to 30 minutes prior to it will begin again. Sometimes, it won't go 25 miles without stalling, however this past weekfinish, it went 75 miles before it stalled. I'm out of ideas; I need help! Thanks in breakthrough, you guys! – AmhadRAY: Gee, I have the right to view you're going to be a hard male to get rid of, Amhad. You've already tried everything. What did you leave for us to suggest? Acupuncture?TOM: My initially assumed as soon as analysis your letter was that you had a plugged fuel filter. But then you threw in the red-hot converter thing, so that's not a fuel-filter problem.RAY: If your converter is turning cherry red, that's bereason there's unmelted fuel gaining into the exhaust device and being combusted inside the converter. The question is: Why?TOM: My guess would be that it's a valve problem. These older CR-V's tend to experience from valve seat recession. So you have to talk to Janet Yellen around this, Amhad.RAY: If the exhaust valves aren't readjusted consistently on this automobile (we recommend checking them eincredibly 30,000 miles on these older CR-V's), they have the right to gain as well tight and also burn out, or damages the valve seats. The valve seats are wright here the valves are supposed to swarm when they're closed and make a seal. If the valves aren't making a tight seal, for whatever factor, unmelted fuel can escape out of the cylinders and also be sent dvery own the exhaust pipe. TOM: That likewise could describe the stalling, bereason poor valves offer you negative compression. If too much fuel and air is escaping the cylinders quite than combusting inside them, the engine won't run.RAY: When the engine gets warm, parts expand. The valves probably are widening in the warmth, to the suggest where they no much longer seat well. That's why the car stalls. When you let them cool off for 25 minutes or whatever before, compression returns and you're able to run the vehicle aobtain.TOM: So you deserve to begin by asking for a valve adjustment. But if the valves or seats are currently damaged, or a valve is currently shed out, no amount of adjustment will certainly aid, and you'll be in for a valve project, Amhad actually. RAY: Unfortunately, that's going to expense you over $1,000. But look on the bideal side: At least the men in the muffler shop won't all lock themselves in the men's room every time they watch you coming.

I have actually a diesel engine. If I rotate off the vehicle while it is moving, then interact fourth or fifth equipment and also pop the clutch, will certainly the engine jump-start? – Bobby

TOM: Diesel engines don’t use spark plugs. They usage high compression in the cylinders to create enough warm in there to combust the air and diesel fuel.

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RAY: So then all you require is fuel shipment -- which you have once the vital is in the run place -- and something to get the engine turning.

TOM: That’s what the jump-begin is for. Usually, as soon as you put the vehicle in gear (which connects the engine to the wheels), it’s bereason the engine is currently turning, and also you desire to usage it to revolve the wheels.

RAY: A jump-begin (or roll start, many accurately) transforms that equation approximately. Your wheels are currently turning, and also you want to use them to turn the engine.

TOM: So it should work, Bobby. The precise rate and specific equipment combination will be various for various vehicles. I intend, if you have a large V-8 diesel engine with really high compression (which means it takes even more force to make the engine turn), and you try to start it in also high a gear or at too low a speed, the engine could actually win that fight via the wheels and also carry the wheels to a speak.

RAY: So, for circumstances, if you’re rolling at 15 mph in a large, honkin’ 6-liter diesel V-8, and also you pop the clutch in fifth gear, the auto may pertained to a halt, without beginning the engine. So you would certainly have to experiment with different speeds and gears to number out wright here the borders are.

RAY: So theoretically, yes, you certainly can roll-begin a diesel engine using fourth or fifth equipment. But keep in mind that we execute have a current development that provides this completely uncrucial in a lot of situations, Bobby. It’s dubbed the ignition essential.

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