Are you feeling frustrated bereason your cat unexpectedly has a penchant for peeing in the sink or pooping in the bathtub instead of her litterbox? If your cat unexpectedly acts this way, it might be a sign of deeper problems through your cat.

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Cats pooping in the bathtub: Why perform they perform that?

Here are the factors why cats poop in the bathtub:

1. She has issues with her litter box.

Your cat may be pooping in the bathtub or elsewhere bereason her litter box is complete. She might likewise be uncomfortable once using the litter box because it is too small, as well high-tech, also shenable, too deep or has a hood that she does not choose. Cats have various personalities and sometimes you need to observe them to be able to figure out their litter box preferences.

If you have multiple cats in your residence, the difficulty might be due to inadequate litter boxes. Most cats will not share a litter box so constantly have extra ones so your cats have the right to perform their company in peace. Also, location your cat’s litter box in a quiet area and also ameans from noise, foot web traffic and her eating quarters.

2. Your cat dislikes the litter you use for her litter box.

Anvarious other reason why your cat is pooping in the bathtub rather of the litter box is the form of litter you use. Cats are unique and also each has actually its choices when it comes to litter form. While some prefer clumping litter, various other cats favor the sandy and also soft sort bereason it feels great to their paws. Others seem to be averse to litter in granule and pellet develop.

You might likewise check our previously write-up on exactly how much cat litter per month for added information.

3. Your cat is stressed or anxious.

A stressed or anxious cat might poop in the home or the bathtub rather of the litter box. Signs that your cat is stressed encompass hiding, diarrhea, overgrooming, ending up being too clingy and lessened appetite.

Here are the widespread reasons of anxiety in cats:

competition for resources choose food and also water in a multi-cat homealters in the residence such as remodeling and also furniture rearrangementaddition or lack of a family members member or petpoor territoryvet or groomer visits

4. Your cat has actually an underlying wellness problem.

Incorrect elimicountry in areas aside from the litter box deserve to be due to health and wellness concerns. The common culprits encompass constipation, inflammatory bowel condition, cystitis and anal gland problems. Your cat may additionally be pooping outside the litter box because she has actually challenge getting inside as a result of arthritis. If you suspect that your cat is behaving actually like that bereason of a health difficulty, consult your vet.

Aside from the reasons stated above, your cat may likewise be doing it because she likes the smell and also feel of the bathtub. She could additionally be marking her region to let various other cats in the family members recognize that it is her very own. Declawed cats additionally tend to poop tbelow because they are uncomfortable digging with the litter.

How execute I store my cat out of the bathtub?

You have the right to store your cat out of the bathtub by filling it through a couple of inches of water and leaving it favor that for at least a week or 2. Your cat will certainly ultimately assume that the tub is always full of water and also will certainly think twice about going tright here aobtain. If she decides that the floor approximately the bathtub is a good substitute, try to put her litter box near the tub so she can have easy access to it.

You can additionally location some aluminum foil around the ledges of the bathtub because cats hate its texture. Keep the bathroom door closed all the time so your cat cannot sneak inside.

Why would a cat unexpectedly start pooping in the house?

Your cat will all of a sudden start pooping in your residence bereason of wellness worries like stomach upset, constipation or urinary tract infection. She could likewise be doing it bereason of a smelly litter box, because she does not prefer the litter in it or if the place of the litter box is noisy and also not secured. If you have actually 2 or even more cats, it can likewise be as a result of an inadequate number of litter boxes.

Stress additionally plays a function in why cats will certainly all of a sudden begin pooping in the house. It might be because of a recent relocate, a home remodeling or tbelow was a brand-new enhancement to the household such as a household member or a brand-new pet.

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Final thoughts

It can be disgusting to discover that your cat is utilizing your tub as her go-to area. Your cat can be pooping in the bathtub because she has actually problems via her litter box and also she finds it smelly and uncomfortable. She may additionally be stressed or anxious or suffering health and wellness issues. Bring her to the vet if she is manifesting symptoms indicative of a clinical problem.