Simple question, why precisely are rendered videos so huge?I use Adobe After results CS6My raw footage is 4k at 60fps, and a 3 minute video is approximately 4 GB substantial.So I supplied five of such videos, to make a one minute clip from them, rendered it to .avi at 1920*1080, 30fps and the file size went approximately 9GB.The only alters made to the videos is cutting together scenes and colour correction.

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So why exactly are rendered videos from Adobe After Effects so incredibly expensive, bigger than the raw product, although rendered at a lot lower high quality, and also what deserve to I do to prevent that?


Usually, as soon as you export an uncompressed avi, it will certainly include even more indevelopment than essential by duplicating indevelopment from the original video. For finest outcomes, you have to use a tiff or png sequence for the highest possible quality. If you desire a video clip, use a mov wrapper and also the DNxHR/DNxHD codec. This alternative will certainly provide you a video without sacrificing top quality size or compatibility.

Like Toby Smith sassist, it is because of the raw format that the AVI codec offers. If you desire to export good quality files at a tiny size cost, try using Adobe Media Encoder. You have the right to import projects straight from After Effects and also render them as .mp4, .mov, .avi, and numerous various other file kinds. If you are in After Effects you can click Data, then Export, and also Export to Adobe Media Encoder in After Effects CC 2017, 2018, and also 2019 (those are the ones I have used). You have the right to then pick the complace you desire to render, and pick the codec/settings you desire to render it via.


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