I review a book "The Art of jiyuushikan.org" by Paul Horowitz, Winarea Hill.

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In the book, I experienced some phases.

A voltage source “likes” an open-circuit load and “hates” a short-circuit load

A existing source “likes” a short-circuit fill and “hates” an open-circuit load

It shelp "obviously" at the end of the initially sentence, however I think I require even more knowledge of what it"s meaning by.


A voltage resource shorted reasons existing to climb till somepoint overheats or burns out. Because of this shorts are bad for a voltage resource and also might damages it.

An open circuit for a current source reasons the voltage to rise till existing flows. Generally the source will reach it"s limit and also stop regulating present.

Both of those conditions reason the respective resources to soptimal functioning appropriately. Hence they "hate" it. The oppowebsite condition represents no fill, thus they "like" not having to work.


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