Erin Krakow is a talented actress finest known for her duties as Elizabeth Thatcher on When Calls the Heart and Tanya Gabriel on Military Wives.

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Would you introduce yourself?

Sure thing! Hi, my name is Erin Krakow. I first gained associated in experienced acting after graduating from The Juilliard School. Before that, I attended the Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I definitely believe the education I obtained at Dreyfoos assisted prepare me for college auditions.

I wouldn’t be where I am this particular day without my education. I’m incredibly grateful to my teachers and also it’s an honor to get to play one on TV.

Newer fans may not realize this, yet you did not originate the duty of Elizabeth Thatcher in When Calls the Heart. Was it challenging picking up the function so shortly after another actress played the part?

Truthfully I didn’t really spend any kind of time thinking around that. I wasn’t came to via putting a distinctive spin on Elizabeth OR trying to emulate Poppy Drayton’s beautiful performance.

I simply approached the role in the means that felt appropriate and also truthful to me. And I feel fortunate that that was never really a discussion.

Luckily, those in power liked what I brought to the table and the remainder is background.

I additionally think it assisted that we were able to create our own sort of pilot episode out of Seachild 1 Episode 1 without relying totally on the WCTH movie to collection the tone for the series.

I’ll always feel associated to Poppy via Elizabeth. Hopetotally we’ll get to occupational on somepoint together shortly. That would certainly be unique.

You functioned on Military Wives with Catherine Bell — who is now the lead character on The Good Witch. Do the two of you share any kind of commonalities in exactly how you ended up in at Hallmark?

I LOVED functioning with Catherine on ARMY WIVES. She was so kind to me and also has actually end up being a dear friend! She’s likewise incredibly talented!

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I don’t recognize the details of Catherine’s journey to Hallnote Channel, however I execute understand that I’m glad she’s a component of the family bereason it means we gain to watch each other at network-related events!

What perform you many remember around your initially day of filming When Calls the Heart?

I remember the excitement and the smoke. Back in the beforehand days of WCTH we were making use of the majority of atmospheric smoke, or haze.

The extremely initially scene we shot was in between Lori Loughlin and me. It was the scene wright here Elizabeth had spent the night at Abigail’s (after burning down the teacherage) and also was getting up for her first day of institution.

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I simply remember being so happy to be working on this brand-new project – and to be functioning with Lori – and also that we were struggling to check out each various other throughout the rowhome bereason of all of the smoke!

Dan joined us for the following scene we swarm, and also it was clear also then that we all had something incredibly special. It appears choose years back and just yesterday in its entirety.

Brian Bird shelp that “When Calls the Heart” almost didn’t happen because of financial obstacles. In what methods does Brian’s persistence mirror obstacles challenged by personalities within the show—and also just how is Brian perceived by cast members?

Erin Krakow: That’s such an interesting compariboy, and one I’ve never heard made before. You’re ideal. Brian, Michael Landon Jr., and Brad Krevoy really carried WCTH back to life after financial difficulties stalled production on the movie.

I’m so glad they did because it’s resulted in the series that has been among the excellent joys of my life.

Similarly, the characters in Hope Valley frequently discover themselves in situations wbelow through persistence and also determicountry they’re able to get over challenges.

Regarding our cast’s perception of Brian, he’s an integral component of the bedrock of our display. He’s among the visionaries behind adapting Janette Oke’s publications from page to display screen.

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He’s also been critical in his support of the Hearties fan base.

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In short – we think he’s pretty great!

Howhave you developed as an actor considering that the initially seaboy of “When Calls the Heart”? How has actually your character developed in that time period?

I learn from eincredibly job I take and also WCTH is no exception! Elizabeth has progressed as well. We’ve seen her go from a fish out of water who might bacount take treatment of herself, to a confident, independent, frontier, MARRIED woguy, to a woman who has skilled a really painful loss.

And now we deserve to look forward to a change for Elizabeth in Seachild 6 that will certainly be incredibly big and exceptionally little simultaneously!

See what I did there?