Food Network-related present Buddy vs Duff premiered on March 10, 2019 (by means of IMDb) and is described as a competition between chefs Buddy Valastro and also Duff Goldguy to crvery own the "unquestioned king of cake." These 2 stars each formerly had actually their own television reflects, which featured their particular bakery"s over-the-height creations. 

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TLC"s Cake Boss, which movies Valastro and his family as they emphasis on the day to day operations of Carlo"s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. Food Network"s Ace of Cakes functions Goldman"s Cinjury City Cakes in Baltieven more, Maryland, which their website explains as a behind the scenes look at an atypical shop staffed by musicians and creatives. 

Fans of both shows never before imagined a crossover, due to them being on various networks, yet after Discovery"s 2018 acquisition of Scripps Netfunctions Interenergetic, as reported by Deadline, they are currently both component of the same household. The Oarray County Register clintends Buddy vs Duff was the Food Network"s best hit in 2019, through 14 million viewers tuning in to view the 2 stars complete.


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Unfortunately, not all fans are pleased with this pairing. Reality Blurred complained that the premise of the first season was flimsy, and suggested the show was solved, as both bakers were fundamentally tied by the finale. They case tright here were concerns via manufacturing from day one, through the present feeling favor nopoint was planned ahead of time. After the incredibly first cake judging, Valastro allegedly walked off collection and also can be watched arguing via the show"s executive producer in the background. The factor for this disagreement was not defined and confusingly never addressed by the series. The publication asserts that the narrator, locations, hosts, and also judges adjusted at random, and also referred to as the scoring system insystematic. Food Netjob-related Gossip agrees, including that the way the show was edited actors Valastro as the villain, leading to many of his fans to proactively root versus him. 

In an interwatch via Delish, Valastro stated that the 2 ended up being great friends throughout the taping, through Goldmale adding that they had never really met prior to the show. 

According to a press release from Discovery, the show"s second season premiered on March 15, 2020. It assures bigger, wilder cakes, celebrity guests, and fierce competition between the two rivals. The second seaboy sees the master pasattempt chefs" wives supporting them as they travel to various areas on both the east and also west coastline of the U.S. for each episode. The finale is set to take location in The golden state at Disney"s Star Wars: Galaxy"s Edge design template park.