February 4, 2016 Brand Awareness, #1 Priority for Nonprofit Communicators: Five Ways Nonprofit Communicators deserve to Collaborate with Colleagues to Build Stronger Brands

Author: Patrick Zornow


Building brand awareness is the height priority among nonprofit communicators, according to the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. No massive surprise there. Strong brands serve as foundations for meaningful, concentrated communications.

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But nonrevenues also prioritize acquiring and retaining donors.

Can the 2 co-exist collaboratively versus competitively?

There is credible proof that mirrors communications and also organizational goals can, in fact, job-related in tandem to construct awareness, trust, and engagement among your audiences (Kylander & Stone, 2012).

Here are five evidence-based tips for improving your organization’s communications to support your brand also strategy, and also advancement and also operations goals. The tips are adjusted from optimal branding scholars Laidler-Kylander & Simonin (2008).

Grow brand also champions by aligning internal interactions objectives via operations objectives. Clear, consistent messaging approximately an organization’s development priorities helps foster buy-in and participation among inner audiences. When everyone is on the very same page around what you’re promising audiences and just how you intend to provide on the promise, staff end up being champions for your organization’s brand. The intersection of your promise and transferring on it is the essence of a brand also.

Increase advocacy and capital for your organization by moving constant messaging to outside audiences. Developing key messeras and also training staff on exactly how to use them (remember: a brand is not simply a logo) leads to even more reliable interactions and builds trust among your exterior audiences. A formula to remember here: Internal Consistency + External Consistency = Increased Brand Trust.

Demonstprice your organization’s emphasis by prioritizing stories that highlight mission-centered work-related.

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Creating avenues for your organization’s beneficiaries and funders to tell stories around the work-related that matters the majority of to them have the right to develop useful insights on improving company offerings and high quality. In enhancement, two-method interaction allows your organization to learn more around just how audiences define your distinct value (i.e., brand differentiation). This deserve to aid staff prioritize key areas for innovation and growth (think reresource allocation). The finest component is that this doesn’t have to be expensive or labor-extensive. Many type of nonearnings are leveraging social media and also message messaging to communicate via essential audiences.

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