I cross referenced some webwebsite yahoo answers, wikipedia & some other websites. They were giving different answers. I know that electric area intensity is a vector amount. But what abt electrical field. Are both electric field and also electrical area potentail exact same or different.


Mew, is characterized separating the pressure by the charge you are using to meacertain the force upon$$ extbfE = frac extbfFq$$and as such, whatever before the force is (Coulomb or whatsoever before else) it is a vector. The potential of a vector field $ extbfv$ is, by definition in math, a twice differentiable feature $f(x,y,z)$ such that, at any allude within the domain names of definitions$$ extbfv(x,y,z)= extrmgrad,f(x,y,z)$$namely $df(x,y,z) = v_xdx + v_ydy + v_z dz$. Once you have actually understood what the definitions are, you have the right to go ahead interpreting the 2 as force per unit charge and readjust in the force per unit charge; however, from the over meanings it is clear what their nature is.

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The electrical field is a vector quantity, representing the electric force per unit charge acting on a test pshort article at a details place in room. Due to the fact that force is a vector, the electric area also is a vector amount.

The electrical potential however is not a vector. The electric potential is the amount of electrical potential power that a unitary suggest electrical charge would certainly have actually if located at any kind of point in room, and also energy is a scalar amount.


"Scalar", "vector", "tensor" and so on explain properties of an object under some set of changes and also depfinish on this collection. For instance, electric field is a vector under changes from the team of 3-dimensional rotations and a part of a tensor under Lorentz revolutions. In the very same means, the electrical potential is a scalar under rotations and also a part of a vector under Lorentz transformations.


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Is tbelow a symmeattempt between scalar and also vector formulas for electrostatic and also gravitational potential, potential power, area and force?
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