Why is an amoeba not an animal?A.It is asex-related.B.It is unicellular.C.It is prokaryotic.D.It is autotrophic.

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Why is an amoeba not an animal? A. It is asexual. B. It is unicellular. C. It is prokaryotic. D. It is autotrophic.
The reality that financial solutions are even more numerous and also less complicated to access implies that consumers have to be much better increated around what services are easily accessible and what those services price.
A characteristic of the majority of mollusks isA.an endoskeleton.B.a two-component body arrangement.C.the lack of a body cavity.D.bilateral symmeattempt.
A mature tapeworm absorbs food with its skin inside its host"sA.heart. B.intestine. C.blood. D.lungs.
Flatworms and also roundworms bothA.have a coelom.B.are symmetrical.C.can be parasitic.D.live in intestines.
The leaves of a sensitive plant cshed whenever any kind of part of the leaf is touched because of aA.gravitropism.B.phototropism.C.thigmotropism.D.photoperiodism.
jiyuushikan.org: The leaves of a sensitive plant cshed whenever before any component of the leaf is touched because of a thigmotropism. (More)


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