Have you noticed that some of the many intelligent and also deep thinking people out tbelow fail to be happy?

They might have actually a loving life companion, family members, and be successful in their job; yet, tbelow is somepoint that sometimes renders them feel alone, sad, and discouraged. As Ernest Hemingmethod sassist, “Pleasure in intelligent human being is the rarest thing I understand.”

Here are 6 feasible factors why happiness in extremely intelligent world is such a rare phenomenon:

1. Intelligent people overanalyze everything

Many type of human being via a high IQ tend to be overthinkers that constantly analyze every little thing happening in their life and also past. This have the right to be draining at times, particularly when your reasoning processes take you to undesirable, frustrating conclusions.

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Have you heard the saying, ‘Ignorance is bliss’? It sudepend is – the much less you understand, the even more carefree and also, therefore, happy you are. Being able to check out people’s true selves and hidden motives is sufficient to make you feel disappointed with the whole people occasionally. Not even discussing the feelings that come in addition to the reflection on thoughtful matters, global issues, and life’s timemuch less situations that have no solutions.

2. Intelligent people have high standards

Smart civilization recognize what they desire and don’t work out for much less than that, no matter what location of life we are talking about. This means that it’s more hard for them to be satisfied through their achievements, relationships, and also literally whatever that has a place in their life.

Moreover, many people via brilliant theoretical minds take place to have actually negative useful knowledge and somehow idealistic views of the world. So when their expectations challenge the raw fact of life and also various other civilization, it inevitably leads to disappointment.

3. Intelligent people are too tough on themselves

Anvarious other factor why smart human being fail to be happy is that they tfinish to be as well strict via themselves. And below, I’m not talking only around one’s accomplishments and failures. Intelligent, deep reasoning individuals often analyze themselves and also their own habits in such a rigorous manner as if they are purposely seeking out things to blame themselves for.

Sometimes, you just lie there in your bed trying to fall asleep and also suddenly recall a case (which more than likely taken place years or, at least, months ago) when you didn’t act the way you should have. This is sufficient to mess with your sleep and spoil your mood.

Intelligent world regularly endure such type of flashbacks right into their past mistakes. All this cultivates guilt, discontent, and also other negative emotions that deserve to poison one’s happiness.

4. Reality is not enough

People via high IQs never cease to seek something bigger – a pattern, an interpretation, a function. The deepest and the dreamiest of them don’t stop tright here – their restmuch less mind and also creativity don’t let them simply relax and also enjoy “the excellent points in life.” I guess the truth via its trivialities is simply too boring for them. Such human being crave for somepoint wonderful, idealistic, eternal… and also, of course, never discover it in the genuine people.

Have you ever before felt like you don’t belengthy right here and need to have lived in a various era or probably on an additional planet? Deep thinking, very intelligent human being constantly feel this means. How deserve to you be happy as soon as you feel like a stranger to the civilization you live in?

5. Lack of deep interaction and also understanding

Being truly taken by someone is just one of the greatest experiences a huguy being deserve to have. How comforting it is to sit with a like-minded perkid somewright here quiet and also have a meaningful conversation, realizing that this perchild understands your principles and shares your views of the world…

Sadly, intelligent world rarely have this pleasure. Many type of of them feel alone and also misconstrued, like if no one is able to watch and appreciate the depth of their minds.

One study found that in order to be happy, individuals with high IQs need much less socialization than those with average levels of intelligence. However before, it doesn’t expect that smart people don’t crave huguy interaction and also an excellent conversation. They simply choose to talk about fascinating and meaningful things rather than comment on food, weather, and also one’s plans for the weekfinish.

No should say that nowadays, it’s particularly tough to uncover a perchild to have actually a deep conversation with. Thank today’s consumerist and materialist society for that.

6. Many world with a high IQ experience from psychological problems

There have actually been many researches that link psychiatric disorders, such as social stress and bipolar, through high IQs. Could it be that these conditions are a type of a side result of a creative genius and also a brilliant mind? Who knows, science is yet to unravel the mysteries of the humale mind.

At the very same time, the intelligent human being who don’t experience from any mental disorders are still susceptible to so-referred to as existential depression, which frequently is a result of excessive reasoning.

If you are thinking all the time and also analyze whatever in depth, at some point, you begin showing on life, death, and the interpretation of existence. Sometimes, it’s sufficient to make you desire to re-evaluate your own life and also, as a result, obtain sad for no obvious reason.

Can you relate to the struggles defined in this article? What other points, in your opinion, make intelligent human being fail to be happy? Share your thoughts through us.

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Anna LeMind is a psychology enthusiast who holds a bachelor"s level in social sciences. She is a deep thinker and socially anxious introvert that writes about huguy habits and personality, the nature of introversion, the idea of belonging, and social stress and anxiety, hoping to aid those that battle via comparable problems as she does. Anna is the author of The Power of Misfits: How to Find Your Place in a World You Don’t Fit In, a book that aims to help all introverts, socially anxious world, and also loners find their course in this loud, extroverted people.