This comic story is a prolonged dramatic monologue told by Sister to an uncalled visitor to the write-up office, where she currently lives after having left her house because of the rerevolve of her sister Stella-Ronexecute. As the title argues, the story is an apologia in which Sister attempts to describe why she has decided to live in the post office of the small tvery own of China Grove, wbelow she is postmitension. The first line of the story establishes the difficulty quite clearly: “I was gaining alengthy fine through Mama, Papa-Daddy and Uncle Roncarry out until my sister Stella-Rondo just separated from her husband also and also came back house aget.” Ostensibly, Sister’s decision is a result of every one of her household turning against her after the rerevolve of Stella-Ronexecute, that previously ran off via a traveling photographer, who, to hear Sister tell it, was her very own boyfriend prior to Stella-Roncarry out stole him from her.

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What makes the story both comic and also facility is that the reader hears only Sister’s side of the story. As she claims, Stella-Roncarry out damaged up her and Mr. Whitaker by telling him that she was one-sided. To this Sister, in her own twisted logic that dominates the story, replies, “Bigger on one side than the various other, which is a deliberate falsehood: I’m the very same. Stella-Rondo is specifically twelve months to the day younger than I am and for that factor she’s spoiled.” It is this petty and also petulant allude of watch of Sister that provides “Why I Live at the P.O.” a tour de force of southern idiom, among Eudora Welty’s the majority of admired stories.

Indeed, Sister is one-sided, and as she recounts the events that take place approximately the Fourth of July in China Grove, the reader sees with her seemingly banal defense. Sister is a childish womale obsessed via triby means of and her persecution complex. She is also a delightful fictional production made up of lovely illogic, and also that is the essential facet in this hilarious story. The household comedy starts as soon as Stella-Ronperform clintends that her two-year-old daughter, Shirley-T, is adopted; Sister denies this by saying that Shirley-T is “the spit-photo of Pappa-Daddy if he’d cut off his beard.” Beginning via this renote by Sister, Stella-Ronexecute methodically turns each member of the...

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