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Chris Hansen is an Amerideserve to TV journalist ideal well-known as the previous host of MSNBC"s To Catch A Predator<1>, a hidden-cam fact television display dedicated to publicly exposing virtual sex-related predators by luring them with underage impersonators. On imageboards and forum neighborhoods, both the regime and also the organize have actually been frequently referenced in the context of stating pedophilia or online son abuse. On 4chan, Hansen"s likeness can be used to signal to moderators that illegal content might have been posted, equivalent to the consumption of Pedobear images.

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Career in Journalism

From November 2004 to December 2007, Hanboy was the hold of NBC series To Catch a Predator<19> which featured covert camera ambushes of sexual predators that had been lured to a house under the assumption that they would certainly be having sex via minors whom they had been chatting through online.

When the predator arrived at the house, they would instantly be met by Chris Hansen who would certainly say the now-famous catchphrase, “why don’t you take a seat right over there?"

Hansen has actually been criticized by many type of for using unethical techniques on the present to trap the people right into being on cam. An article in the January 2007 worry of the Columbia Journalism Review<6> accprovided the present of attempting to act as an firm of law enforcement. On February 7th, 2008, the political blog Counterpunch<7> publimelted an short article arguing that Chris Hansen was impersonating a police officer, stating that the guys that appear on the display finish up "talking themselves right into jail" because of his demeanor. A 2009 article<20> in the scholastic journal Crime Media Culture by professor Stalso A. Kohm suggests that the show provided "electronic media humiliation" as punishment itself, in addition to whatever legal after-effects tbelow were for the actions of those who appeared on air.

Outside of significant commentary, the display was parodied on the October 3rd, 2007 episode of South Park titled "Le Petit Tourette."

Online History

Due to his job-related on To Record a Predator, Chris Hansen"s picture became associated with flagging posts associated with inproper images of minors on 4chan as at an early stage as August 4th, 2007.<5> This threview from /b/ (random) depicts Hansen wearing obviously fake disguises attempting to infiltrate the message board.


That year, Chris Hansen was discussed in both a Halloween<10> and Christmas<11> themed threads on /b/, advertising him a representative part of the board"s society. Hansen"s picture has actually been offered sparingly on various other boards of the website, showing up in an archived /co/<12> (comics and cartoons) threview.

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Outside of 4chan, tbelow is a Chris Hansen tag<18> on Tumblr and on Facebook, tbelow is a fan page for titled "I hate it once Chris Hansen uses me a seat and has my chat logs."<14> which has over 11,000 likes.