When we discussed the potential retcon of Young Xehanort’s departure from Destiny Islands, I promised we’d look at a much more convoluted possibility.

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Now it’s time. What if Young Xehanort isn’t really Young Xehanort?

To be even more specific, what if the time traveler in Re:coded’s trick finishing, Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III is not actually Xehanort’s younger self?


This concept is normally presented in the opposite way. Theories before Kingdom Hearts III doubted whether Young Xehanort could actually be someone else that had been possessed by Master Xehanort, while more recent theories periodically indicate “the boy in black” isn’t really Xehanort or is Xehanort from an additional worldline.

That first opportunity never before sat well with me, because Master Xehanort’s own reports clearly make him the boy who flourished up on Destiny Island also. It also hinged on Young Xehanort appearing to be the many innocent of the Xehanorts, which we deserve to safely say Kingdom Hearts III refuted.

Kingdom Hearts III itself contradicts the second opportunity, as it draws a clear line in between “the boy in black” and our existing Master Xehanort.

Master Xehanort recognizes the line from his chess complement via Eraqus as soon as it is sassist aacquire in the present, and he and Eraqus take on their younger develops prior to fading away. This leaves no room for doubt that the boy playing chess with Eraqus in the flashbacks is Master Xehanort’s younger self.

100% Master Xehanort’s younger self

This leaves us via the trouble of Young Xehanort the moment traveler.

Ahead of Dream Drop Distance, Ansem travels back with time to Destiny Islands, where he finds Young Xehanort and provides him the power of time take a trip. Young Xehanort then travels forward through time for the occasions of Dream Drop Distance, bringing various other incarcountries of himself alengthy.

Young Xehanort says he has not yet left Destiny Islands, that his experiences in the future will certainly lead him to seek the exterior world also though he won’t consciously remember his time travel. As he has not yet begun wielding a Keyblade, he is able to perform so for the last fight only because Master Xehanort possesses him.

Yet in Kingdom Hearts III, we check out Xehanort was younger when he started his Keyblade training, and also Young Xehanort the moment traveler is able to wield his Keyblade without his older self’s interference.

It could be a retcon. That’s the simplest explanation. But really, the contradictions all come from things Young Xehanort says in Dream Drop Distance. What if he’s lying?

What if he’s not Young Xehanort at all?


Tright here are a couple of things that set Young Xehanort acomponent as various. First, of course, is the problem of his age, which is wright here all these questions come from. His actions in Kingdom Hearts III is likewise inexplicable. Chess Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, and even Master Xehanort are all sympathetic to some degree, while Young Xehanort stays cold and also mocking to the finish, taunting Sora with the knowledge that his abuse of the power of waking will certainly cause him to fade. For that issue, why does he, the youngest Xehanort, know so a lot about the power of waking and also exactly how Sora is making use of it?

And let’s not forobtain everyone’s favorite burn from Woody, in which he guesses no one has actually ever before loved Young Xehanort. This line got a lot of attention from fans, yet it’s amazing that it reflects up in a game that doubles dvery own on the friendship in between Eraqus and also Xehanort, and Eraqus’s unconditional forgiveness of his old friend.

A Young Xehanort who hasn’t met Eraqus yet? Yes, Woody’s line provides sense. But a Young Xehanort who is older than his chess-playing previous self, just a couple of years separated from their promise to be tbelow for each other? Somepoint about it feels off. Maybe he’s just forgotten, given that he’s already turned to darkness. Or maybe he’s a various perboy totally.

Let’s dig right into the mechanics of exactly how this would certainly work.

Usually, you acquire the power of time take a trip by shedding your physical form. Someexactly how, Ansem (as the robed figure) was able to move this capacity to Young Xehanort by traveling via time to meet him… which doesn’t make many sense.


As revealed in Kingdom Hearts III, the various other incarcountries of Xehanort all still must offer up their bodies to take a trip to the future, which is why they require Replica bodies. It does not, therefore, show up to be a loophole wbelow one Xehanort giving up his body supposed any kind of incarnation of himself can take a trip via time.

If the brown robed figure’s meeting via Young Xehanort was essential just to tell him the plan and also set him on his route through the future, maybe it doesn’t matter is they were the same perkid or not.

Interviews about Young Xehanort’s function in Dream Drop Distance define him as “a ‘portal,’ summoning Xemnas and also Ansem each time they appeared.”

This implies that Xemnas and Ansem might only travel to points in time wbelow Young Xehanort was, yet the rules of time take a trip only say you must have actually one more variation of yourself in that time. And they did: Master Xehanort himself, re-developed in the current.

The “portal” summary comes up again in Kingdom Hearts III, this time about Master Xehanort. The protagonists say Master Xehanort is a portal because of his time travel. What this means is unclear, but it could intend that as lengthy as he is alive, his past selves would certainly always be able to go back to the future. As the many future Xehanort, he is the anchor that permits the others to travel via time.

But if Master Xehanort is the true “portal,” then Young Xehanort was never actually crucial for Ansem and also Xemnas to move through time. He’s merely the one who told them what they had actually to carry out.

As lengthy as he had the power of time take a trip and also had actually a future self at the exact same points later as Xehanort did, an impostor can masquerade as a Xehanort and take a trip via time through the others.

Ansem, as the robed figure, travels earlier in time to Destiny Islands to give the power of time take a trip to his younger self and set him on the course essential to meet their plans later.He finds a boy on the beach that resembles his past self and also offers him the power of time travel. (If you traveled ago 60 years, would you know exactly what your younger self should look like?)This impostor, pretfinishing to be Young Xehanort, travels via the future to gather Xehanort’s various other selves.Arriving later for the occasions of Dream Drop Distance, this impostor maintains the facade by speaking around just how he has not yet left Destiny Islands in the past.

That brings us up to the last battle in Dream Drop Distance. Once again, according to Nomura’s interview, Master Xehanort’s consciousness arrives ahead of his body just as Micvital stops time, and so he takes over Young Xehanort’s body.

The presumption has constantly been that he had the ability to execute this bereason Young Xehanort is his previous self, yet does that matter? When Master Xehanort possessed Terra, he took immediate control of his body. And yes, Terra-Xehanort had the ability to summon No Name. Tright here is no proof that Master Xehanort taking control of Young Xehanort in Dream Drop Distance requires them to be the exact same person.

Now we need to consider the issue of the Keyblade.

Young Xehanort was holding a Keyblade that he initially wasn’t able to take care of many thanks to Master Xehanort’s power. Though the keychain on it is various, the Keyblade he takes out is Master Xehanort’s.

The Keyblade he wields, therefore, is explicitly No Name.

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(While you might review that as saying it’s a Keyblade Xehanort used before inheriting No Name, we’ve never before viewed him usage a different Keyblade, and given that Terra-Xehanort wielded No Name, there’s no reason to assume he wouldn’t summon it here.)

In our favorite Re:coded scene, the “Destiny” secret finishing, Young Xehanort reiteprices the allude that No Name has not been passed on to him yet.