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December 18, 2006

Even if you don"t recognize what PTI indicates, you will appreciate this story.

PTI represents "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN. It"s a sporting activities talk show wbelow 2 The Washington Post sporting activities reporters talk about the sports news of the day. The show is a little silly and does not have actually the screaming matches sports radio deserve to be.

At the end of every present, Tony Kornheiser would wave a Canadian flag and also say, "Good Night, Canada." I did wonder what around Tony"s evident love for Canada, however never before enough to perform research study.

On Monday, Michael Wilbon (the various other hold of PTI) was asked the question on a Washington Message chat. Here was his response:

"The salute to Canada at the end of our PTI is tbelow bereason TSN, Canada"s sports network, which carries our show, indications off then and also doesn"t lug our last segment which shows up on ESPN in the U.S. throughout SportsCenter ... So, without that certain goodbye, we"d never before have actually a sign-off in Canada."

I was hoping Tony had actually a soft sense for the next-door neighbors to the North.

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