What does the cross represent? How does the panther fit into every one of this? What"s Daft Punk doing?

Since February 24, 2011, the month and also date he uploaded "What You Need" on YouTube under the username "xoxxxoooxo," Abel Tesfaye, otherwise well-known to millions as The Weeknd, has captivated audiences via not just his satin-smooth vocals, however additionally the air of mystery behind his dark, compelling music videos. No one is making music videos prefer the alt-R&B-turned-pop star.

In 2015, we experienced him narprice his expansion from dark prince of R&B to pop virtuoso in front of our eyes, by means of the storyinforming told in the visuals for "The Hills," "I Can"t Feel My Face," "Tell Your Friends," and "In the Night."

Beneath the blood, the arboy, shootouts and also the murders, the Grant Singer-directed videos offered an facet of symbolism to Weeknd bidding adieu to his previous glories. This narrative might be taken as the singer selling his spirit to the devil, which was stood for via the use of the Lynchian tableau — the elderly fella perched on a chair — haunting every video, and also the multiple obstacles the singer came challenged through (vehicle wreck, shootouts, flames), just to later reclaim his freedom. Or so we believed. In "I Can"t Feel My Face" he is dancing for the devil, playing to his tune and "Tell Your Friends," he puts a bullet in him, only to uncover him in "The Hills." The story is all over the area, considering the separate release of each videos, but the template is there.

Quick forward to Starboy, the latest chapter in his dark, twisted fantasy, and also Weeknd"s visual storyboard when aget unravels before our eyes.

This week, the singer unveiled an intergalactic scene for the visual to "I Feel It Coming," the hit album"s Daft Punk-assisted closer. Directed by Warren Fu, we discover our musical hero when again ducking and also dodging a brush through fatality as told via his signature extraordinary fantasy. Playing a literal Starboy, Weeknd dances roughly a Mars-like planet, waiting for his Stargirl to morph into humale form. However before, adhering to an eclipse, the womale gets turned right into stone and later crumbles into rubble after a hefty wind knocks her over. Emerging from this rubble is a black snake, which the Weeknd reaches over for and he as well transdevelops into into stone à la Han Solo"s hibernated fate in "Star Wars V: The Realm Strikes Back." In the end, he gets snowed over and Daft Punk emerges out of nowbelow to recuperate what shows up to be a neon leftover of Weeknd"s existence.

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In the finish, we get left with many inquiries. What"s the neon residue represent? Why did The Weeknd turn right into stone, and exactly how the hell did he end up tbelow in the first place? In an attempt to uncover the interpretation behind the five Starboy videos (sans "Reminder"), consisting of the "M A N I A" short, and also pick apart the continuity in between visuals and also themes, we watched "Starboy," "M A N I A," "False Alarm," "Party Monster," and also "I Feel It Coming" and also concerned the conclusion that Weeknd could be enduring an out of body endure throughout all these vids. But do not run with our guesstimation without exploring the reasons listed below.

"Starboy" right into "M A N I A"

Out with the old, in through the brand-new. Similar to he does his Instagram timeline when gaining ready to announce a new "chapter," and also in the videos for the Beauty-era, Weeknd destroys his previous to present us to the new. In this case, the "new" is the Starboy-era version of himself and also with the direction of Grant Singer, we watch him sporting an iced out Crucideal with as breaks right into a variation of his Beauty Behind the Madness alter-ego"s residence and also ransacks the area before stealing a pinkly-lit, illuminated cross. Much can be sassist for this cross and also what it symbolizes. In the end, he destroys all proof and also background of his previous and drives off with a babsence panther.

Carrying on the narrative, the 12-minute short "M A N I A" finds the singer moving on from where he left off in "Starboy." It starts via him zipping through the twisties of Mulholland Drive in a red McLaren P1 via the panther riding shotgun and later on closes via the mentioned panther morphing right into a love interest. It appears, based off this video, that whoever before earns Weeknd"s interest, inevitably finds themselves in life or fatality situations. In this situation, the panther, which transdevelops into love interest, conserves his life adhering to an attempted murder. From there, they dance the night away and let the angelic sounds of "I Feel It Coming" shower the scene.

"False Alarm" right into "Party Monster"

Jumping from murderer and home raider, Weeknd gets involved in a financial institution robbery turned high-speed chase all told via a first-perkid viewallude. The bloody, explosive, action-packed visual, carries on the narrative in that once aobtain we discover our subject falling for someone. After failing to toss a bag of money from one van to an additional in order to save one girl he and his crew handcuffed and inserted in their van, an attempt on the singer"s life as soon as aget occurs till the girl saves him. Soon after the van crashes, leaving him in a bloody mess. After he insists that this girl runs to security with a bag complete of money, the singer, who is left via a glass stough in his stomach, shoots himself as the cops draw close to. This leads to "Party Monster," a visual that have the right to ideal be defined as a trippy haze that symbolizes Weeknd floating roughly an out-of-body limbo.

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Paranoid, as he sings on the single, we find the singer in such a crazed state, which could be due to the events of "False Alarm," that it drives him off a cliff. Within this dreamfavor state adhering to his death in "Alarm," we find Starboy traveling with a tripped out alternate world that features the cross as a influential fixture. Our theory is that the cross represents a double-edged sword that comes with the good and also bad. "Starboy" experienced him capture the tool, just to later on have actually it rerotate as a constant reminder throughout his "Party Monster" limbo and this is following the attempt on his life in "M A N I A," which culminates in him actually taking his own life in "False Alarm." Basically, the illuminated symbol represents a gift and curse for Weeknd, which could be love given that, as prcooktop by the occasions in these visuals, eincredibly time he drops for someone,his is faced through a life or fatality scenario.

The panther, the hostage, and the Stargirl...

After driving off the cliff, our concept is that this state of limbo proceeds for Weeknd. As he continues to travel via this spiroutine journey in "I Feel It Coming," he meets his "Stargirl," when aacquire falling in love. Yes, as we"ve learned, with love comes a risk. After an eclipse takes location, the womale gets turned right into rock and later crumbles. At this allude, and as we"ve complied with throughout this Starboy series, it"s no coincidence. As if these videos were produced in an effort to emphadimension among his lines from the album ("I know there"s been stigma roughly me / I understand you heard points about me" on "All I Know"), the singer can"t seem to win once it concerns love. In this instance, not only does he inevitably shed the girl, he as well turns into stone and gets spanned by erosion. By the finish, Daft Punk measures up out of nowright here to recoup the body of the singer and also discover the illuminated pink cross, which can extremely well be the Starboy himself.

So what does this all mean? Like David Bowie"s Ziggy Stardust alter-ego, Weekend"s Starboy persona is somepoint sent out by a greater being. In Ziggy"s situation, it was the fact that he was sent out by the "Infinites" to announce the coming of a Starmale. For Weeknd, we conclude that his initiation with the devilish number from the BBTM era, which took place in "I Can"t Feel My Face," has actually given that progressed and turned him into the chosen one prefer Ziggy, fulfilling the duties put in front of him, which fittingly began with "Starboy."

Overall, beyond the concealed definitions and also assumptions, within this latest batch of visuals by The Weeknd, we watch a guy once aobtain turning over a new leaf and also proving when aobtain, no one is doing music videos choose he does.