The Spotify cache stores information about your music to minimize buffering, however it deserve to acquire also huge. Here"s just how to clean it.

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Whether it’s your lappeak beginning to hang or your phone demands a little even more area, clearing your Spotify cache is a task that many kind of of us have to do. But what exactly is the Spotify cache, and also have to you be deleting it?

What Is the Spotify Cache?

The Spotify cache is wright here your listening history stays. For Spotify Premium individuals, the cache stores songs that you have downloaded to play offline are stored. The Spotify cache is what allows tracks to play without needing to buffer initially.

When the Spotify cache reaches capacity, the tracks you don’t listen to often are replaced with songs that you listen to even more generally. In some instances, a big Spotify cache avoids mobile phones from loading Spotify appropriately.

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How to Clear the Spotify Cache

In basic, a lot of individuals don’t should touch their Spotify cache settings. The Spotify cache is put up in a means that helps, even more than damages, your listening endure. However, currently and then, damaged tracks or bad downtons call for it.

If you are figured out to clean yours up, here’s how you have the right to clear the Spotify cache.

How to Clear the Spotify Cache on iOS

Spotify Setups Storage
Spotify Delete Cache
To clear your Spotify Cache on iOS, open your Spotify App. Then, choose Setups > Storage and tap Delete Cache.

How to Clear the Spotify Cache on Android

Spotify Setups Android
Spotify Settings Android Delete Cache
For Android customers, you can delete your Spotify cache by going to Settings. Then, under Storage, choose Delete cache. A pop-up will show up for you to confirm your decision before proceeding.

How to Clear the Spotify Cache on Desktop

Unlike the Spotify app versions, navigating Spotify Desktop to delete your cache isn"t so straightforward. First, you have to discover the folder wherein your Spotify client conserves your cache.

To carry out so, go to your Spotify application and also click Setups > Sexactly how State-of-the-art Settings. Under Offline storage location, take note of the folder name. Then, navigate to this folder and delete its contents.

Get to Know Your Spotify Cache

Once you have actually deleted your cache, Spotify will certainly have to download data from its servers aacquire. Bear in mind that deleting your Spotify cache can boost bandwidth or data usage for a while.

If you erased your Spotify cache to retrieve unplayable songs but still can’t find them, don’t issue. There are plenty of other techniques you have the right to try to obtain your favorite tracks back on Spotify.

How to Recover Unplayable Songs on Spotify Sometimes your favorite tunes will not play on Spotify. Here"s why that happens and exactly how to gain them earlier.

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