Unable to Download Songs on Your Spotify account? Is Spotify stuck on “Waiting to Download”?

One of the best features of Spotify Premium is the ability to downpack songs to listen to anytime all over.

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Spotify Premium permits you to downpack as much as 10,000 songs on up to 5 tools so you don’t have to usage your mobile data to stream your favourite music and podcasts on the go.

However before, many type of individuals have reported that when they attempt to download songs to their PC/Android/iOS devices, Spotify gets stuck on the “Waiting to Download” Issue.

Spotify Keeps on Pausing?

8.Systems 4: Use the same Wi-Fi netoccupational Connection to solve Spotify “Waiting to Download” Local Files

How to Downpack a Track on Spotify?

The process is pretty simple:

Add a song to a playlistToggle the downfill switch to greenThe downpack must generally start

But, periodically it deserve to acquire stuck on “waiting for download” wbelow the download never starts.

So, you’d be wondering why does it even happen?

Why does Spotify Say Waiting to Download?

There are 7 major reasons why Spotify would say Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download issue:

Check the Spotify application is open up on both devices and the devices are unlocked.Encertain songs are in the playlist and also the playlist is collection to “easily accessible offline” on both your phone and also desktop computer.Spotify downpack limit for each device: you have the right to downpack as much as 10,000 songs from approximately 3 tools.Your Firewall/Antivirus/VPN is open up and also reporting Spotify as dangerous.The device is out of storage: you will not be able to download the song efficiently.Your Spotify Premium setup is incorrect which will likewise bring about error.

How to Fix Spotify waiting to download?

Before you try to deal with the “Spotify stuck on waiting to download” problem, encertain the complying with steps:

Latest Spotify app currently on your phone and also computer system.Battery Saver is disabled.No antivirus/VPN/firewall is running.Keep Spotify in front of you and readjust the sleep time to “Never before Sleep”.Try reconnecting your Wi-Fi once

If none of these worries solve Spotify still Awaiting download, try the services below:

Video Guide to Fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download


Systems 1: Make certain your Premium Plan is active

Spotify only uses a downloading and install service to premium customers.

So, if you’re not a premium user yet, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan.

If you are already a premium user, make sure your arrangement has actually not expired, which may be among the factors for the unavailcapability of downloads and the Spotify stuck on Waiting to Downfill Error.

Equipment 2: You Might Have Too Many type of Downloads/Check Spotify Download Limit

Although 10,000 songs seem like a target you would never reach on an equipment, you have actually incorrectly surpassed the limit of your tool without actually learning it.

Check the variety of songs downloaded on your device and make sure it has actually not surpassed 3333 songs. If so, try deleting some old songs and also then downloading your brand-new ones to fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Downpack.

Systems 3: Check Your Phone Storage to Fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download

Cshed all the apps that are running in the background which you are not making use of, because of all the apps running your phone were running slow which likewise can have actually been the factor for Spotify waiting to downpack error.

Also after making use of your phones for some while, most cache gets stored in them bereason of all the apps that are running in them.

This cache requirements to be cleared from time to time otherwise it will use up all your area and also some apps won’t be able to feature correctly because of it.

Deleting cache will not impact songs you’ve already downloaded to your phone.

To delete Spotify cache:

Tap the Gear symbol in the upper left of the Spotify house display and scroll dvery own to Storage.Tap “Delete cache” and tap aget to confirm.


Systems 4: Use the very same Wi-Fi network Connection to solve Spotify “Waiting to Download” Local Files

If you are trying to offline download music that is included as regional music in the Spotify application on your computer, then that computer and also your mobile need to be on the exact same wifi netjob-related, in order to obtain that music offline on your phone.

If your computer system is linked by means of an ethernet wire, then remove it and plug in your Wi-Fi.

After you attach them both to the very same Wi-Fi netjob-related, now inspect that the same one “waiting to download” error reshows up,


then you need some firewall settings on your computer system which you can discover below.

Systems 5: Change the computer system Windows Firewall settings

If you can’t download Spotify songs to a Windows device, tright here may be a protective firewall to blame. Incorrect firewall settings have the right to make Spotify entirely unusable.

To change Windows Firewall settings and also Fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download:

Search for Windows Firewall from the Start menu


Open it by clicking Window Defender Firewall.Click “Allow an app or attribute via Windows Defender Firewall” in the top left of the panel.


Click “Change settings” and then scroll dvery own to spotify.exe and also tick both under “Private” and also “Public


Solution 6: Disable Antivirus Firewall

Many world have actually Antivirsupplies installed these days and also antiviroffers have their own firewall surfaces to defend the computer systems.

If you have any type of anti-virus installed, then disable its firewall or include the Spotify app as an exception. If you do not understand just how to do this, follow these actions to Fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download:

Go to the taskbar at the best side of the home window and also find the oselection symbol of Avast.Then, right-click on the symbol and also uncover “Avast Shield Control”.


Now pick the open for how long you want to disable Alarge.


After picking, click “Yes” once the Alarge popup home window shows up.It’s Done, you have the right to disable Ahuge for as lengthy as you select.

Systems 7: Reinstall Spotify to Fix Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download

If none of the methods assist you, you have the right to try reinstalling the Spotify client software.

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A fresh installation will remove any previous errors through configuration records of the application, and also the fresh files will certainly be provided to run the application which need to remove any kind of coming errors as Spotify stuck on Waiting to Download error.