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Disgustang refers to a video clip wright here two bit girls have the right to be watched in front of their webcam; one is talking, as soon as a woguy that shows up to be their mother all of a sudden enters the room, uttering her displeacertain in a hefty Scottish accent around the toilet"s not having been flumelted after someone (presumably among the girls) had actually defecated; among the girls then replies that “it wasn’t me,” and also the mother, later identified as Lizzie Brash, retorts among them must be the culprit, increasing her voice prior to leaving. The two girls then look at each other for a minute silently, and the left one finally shuts dvery own the webvideo camera, finishing the video. The video and specifically the mother"s pronunciation of the word "Disgusting" has ongoing to be paropassed away over five years since the video initially showed up online.


On August ninth, 2013, Redditor just_jay_94<3> posted a since-deleted video of the occurrence to /r/videos, acquiring over 2,800 points (displayed below).

Transcript<1>:-- I’m going to sing Cher Lloyd – by Cher Lloyd oh – Becky G ideal. And don’t forget all the trouble we acquired into.-- Why does somebody not recognize how to flush the toilet after they had actually a shit. -- It wasn’t me. -- Well it was fuckin among you’s. Disgusting.


Several individuals on social networks have referred to the video, of which several duplicates have been uploaded on YouTube. A humorous YouTube video entitled "CHER LLOYD DID IT (It wasn"t me)" posted on August 12th, 2013 garnered over 3 million views it renders usage of the Cher Lloyd referral and also reflects the mother"s ranting through chroma keying (shown listed below, left).<2> On April, 2016, a subtitled version of the video which called the mom"s pronunciation of "disgusting" as "DISGUSTANG" was uploaded to YouTube by jswaggymmpfh (presented below, right).

Over the adhering to years, the word "DISGUSTANG" ended up being connected through the video. For example, user aerotechwang1 posted a parody of Lilo and also Stitch via the audio, acquiring over 40,000 views (shown below, left). A compilation of remixes posted by Deem Gamez gained over 320,000 views (presented listed below, right).

Others have actually used the expression "DISGUSTANG" to explain unpleasant images. For instance, a write-up in /r/memes referencing the video posted December 23rd, 2018 titled "DISGUSTANG" got over 2,600 points (presented listed below, left).

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<4> A Can"t Hear, Can"t See meme posted to the exact same subreddit on January fourth, 2019 got over 4,800 points<5> (displayed listed below, right).