Screen freezes can occur on the Xbox 360 for a number of reasons. The greatly likely reasons include problems via a game disc, corrupted set up game records, netoccupational issues and also lack of airflow to the console. Screen freezes virtually constantly cause you to shed unconserved game progress, so determining the cause helps you fix the problem and proccasion it from ruining your game. To unfreeze your Xbox 360 and also assist prevent future freezes, perform some troubleshooting to find out the reason.

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Press the facility "Guide" switch on your Xbox 360 controller and also then push "Y." If nothing happens, push the power switch on your Xbox 360 console to revolve it off. Make certain the console is positioned in a clear, ventilated area on a solid surconfront amethod from objects that might hinder airflow to its vents. Turn it back on.

Check the game disc. Take the game disc out of your Xbox 360 console"s disc tray and also examine it for cracks, scuffs and also smudges. If necessary, take a soft, water-dampened cloth and also clean the disc. Rub from the inside out. If, upon finishing, tright here are cracks or scuffs that haven"t gone amethod, the disc is likely unplayable.

Try a various game. If you"re playing a placed Xbox 360 game, there might be an concern with the game itself. Load a different game and also play it as you generally would. If it does not freeze, the game is the issue. Go to the Xbox LIVE Marketlocation and re-downfill the problematic game to your console.

Check your Web connection. If you"re playing on Xbox LIVE and your game freezes, it is most likely that you lost accessibility to the Internet. Check the Ethernet cable or wireless link to make certain it is still associated. If essential, call your Net business provider to make sure tright here aren"t any kind of outeras in your area.

Contact Xbox Support if you keep having actually freezing issues. Visit the Xbox Support Contact Net web page (see attach in Resources) and also follow the prompts to call Xbox Support about your worry.

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Indevelopment in this article applies to the Xbox 360 Slim consingle. It might differ slightly or significantly through other consoles.

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