I have actually a high-end computer via decent ethernet yet whenever I join a game in Siege everyone finishes loading and also it takes me 1-5 minutes. Is this bereason of my internet or computer?


CPU - i7-7700kGPU - GTX 108016GG RAM5900 RPM 4TB Hard drive


I think the actual bottleneck here is your hard drive and/or your internet connection. Seeing your specs, your CPU is means better than mine, and so is your GPU. Yet, your loading time is 1-5 minutes, while I"m never before above 30s.

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I advise you buy an SSD and also store your games on it, the loading times are amazing! A 4TB one would certainly be pretty expensive, but execute you really need this a lot storage? The usual deteriorate is system+games on SSD, music/video/pictures/etc on hdd. Additionally, if you"re making use of steam/uplay/origin/whichever one I forgot, you can install/uninstall games without loosing development. I really doubt you"re playing 4TB of games at the same time, so a 500/750 Go SSD should be sufficient, and also it should substantially decrease your loading time.



For me, it was HD Texture Pack DLC which boosted pack times dramatically. Try uninstalling it.

Alternatively, you can try relocating game textures to some type of RAM Drive which in theory have to assist through increasing rate of HDD reads.


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