Pokémon: Why Shellder Looks So Different On Slowbro's Tail The reality that Slowbro"s tail shell is meant to be Shellder has actually perplexed many type of Gen 1 Pokémon fans, yet there"s a reason it looks so various.

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Pokemon Shellder Looks Different On Slowbro's Tail (2)
Change is a normal part of Pokémon advancement, however the style distinctions between Shellder"s usual develop and the means it looks on Slowbro"s tail has perplexed many type of fans given that Pokémon Red and also Blue. For a long time, fans asking exactly how the two shelled creatures were the exact same Pokémon went unanswered, yet the Pokémon universe currently has actually an explanation.

For those unfamiliar: Yes, that toothy, spiky, spiraled shell on Slowbro"s tail is intended to be Shellder, the goofy purple clam Pokémon. Tbelow are plenty of odd logical leaps that make the Pokémon universe make no feeling, but this stselection truth is one of the series" most confutilizing. It practically appears choose Video Game Freak created Slowbro"s architecture without thinking around wbelow the shell - clearly a sepaprice creature from Slowbro, given its eyes and mouth - came from. Then, in the absence of any kind of various other shell-like Pokémon at the time, it appears Game Freak sindicate slapped Shellder"s name into Slowbro"s Pokédex enattempt.

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Until freshly, the Pokédex had actually only revealed a couple of facts around Slowbro: Rather than being an totally brand-new Pokémon, it is essentially simply a Slowpoke via a Shellder parawebsite attached. It will revert back to Slowbro if the Shellder is somejust how damaged off, but the Shellder is unmost likely to let go, since it enjoys the "tasty flavor" oozing from Slowbro"s tail. Still, the Shellder"s visibility does show up to have adjusted Slowpoke"s powers and also anatomy enough for it to be classified as a new Pokémon. Venom secreted by the Shellder has actually made Slowbro immune to pain, and Slowbro will certainly sometimes "come to be inspired" if the Sheller bites dvery own harder. None of this defined Shellder"s brand-new look, though, confutilizing fans like Twitter user mana mana.

I’ll still NEVER understand also just how these 2 are technically the very same pokemon pic.twitter.com/sXaDfQfgOG

— ⚜️ mana mana ⚜️ (

In 2011, Pokémon fan Mutitus theorized that, just as Shellder"s poikid adjusted Slowpoke into Slowbro, probably the liquid oozing from Slowbro"s tail readjusted Shellder right into its new develop. Whether it was mindful of Mutitus" theory or not, Game Freak made a similar explacountry canon years later on, via one of Slowbro"s 2017 Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon Pokédex entries:

"Shellder, in its greed to suck out even more and more sweetness from Slowbro"s tail, has metamorphosed right into a spiral-shaped shell."

It"s unclear if Slowbro"s sweet liquid was what adjusted Shellder or if it was the Pokémon"s greed itself that twisted its develop, but this at least offers some explanation (but vague) for Shellder"s odd appearance.

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Due to the fact that Slowbro"s introduction, a couple of more Pokémon pairs have actually influenced one another"s evolutions. The Bug-kind Pokémon Accelgor, for example, deserve to only evolve from Shelmet as soon as traded for a Karrablast. The Karrablast steals Shelmet"s shell in the transaction, turning the defense-oriented Shelmet right into the speed-focused Accelgor. In addition, Mantyke is just able to evolve right into Mantine once a Remorassist is likewise in the player"s party - a nod to the symbiotic relationships in between some animals (though the fish that real-civilization remoras affix themselves to obtain no advantage out of the relationship). A teaser picture for the Galarian Slowbro being added in Pokémon Sword and also Shield"s Expansion Pass DLC suggests Shellder little Slowpoke"s head rather of its tail, imbuing it with more poikid and also possibly taking manage entirely, so probably Game Freak will certainly disclose more around the connection between these two Pokémon soon.