One of the many evocative moments in every one of Rick and also Morty encounters the incredibly major topic of substance abusage and also its relationship through self-destruction. Someexactly how, Seakid 2, Episode 3 navientrances these breakable topics in a neat 23 minutes of hilarious animated sci-fi featuring guest stars like Christina Hendricks and Patton Oswalt — it also led to one of the darkest Rick and also Morty fan theories of all time.

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“Auto Erotic Assimilation” could be casually remembered as the Seakid 2 “Unity Episode” wbelow Rick goes on an adventure with both his grandchildren and they encounter a hive-mind entity that Rick supplied to date. However before, it likewise grapples with the a lot of toxic facets of Rick’s personality — his alcoholism, his nihilism, his pain — and also meditates on something a lot even more profound: What’s the genuine nature and also objective of recreational substance use? Of all creatures to answer such a question, it’s a hive mind, a unified being that desires to assimilate all sentient life to ascfinish into godhood.

“Recreational substances were phased out below,” Unity says as an old woma very early in an episode. “There’s no require for escape from the self when your civilization is one.” Drug usage is constantly around escaping from the self, and also as soon as Rick ultimately learns this leschild the tough way, it takes a hefty emotional toll.

At the finish of the episode, after Rick’s gone on a bender doing drugs and drinking through half a planet, he returns house and also puts a mutated alien out of its misery (even more on that later) before drunkenly botching his very own suicide in a relocating sequence that’s collection to Chaos Chaos’ “Do You Feel It?”

Yes, we feel it.

“I’m simply speechless,” one fan created in a Reddit write-up a couple of years earlier in response to the episode. “I don’t have the emotional fortitude to perform anything yet rethink my life while sitting on the couch right currently. This episode punched a hole right via my chest. Up to this point, Rick’s alcoholism has actually been a punch line to me (currently I feel very guilty just typing that). In the last moments of the episode, we lastly have a window right into Rick’s eactivities.”

Other fans have called it the many emotional scene in television background. How did we acquire to the single the majority of emotional moment in Rick and also Morty history?

Rick, Morty, and also Summer are flying via space dancing to some tunes as the episode opens up. They get a distress signal. Rick goes on a rant around how 9 times out of 10, everyone will be dead and also he gets to scavenge a bunch of complimentary stuff. This is the first of many type of reminders in this episode that despite Rick’s superhumale knowledge, his emotional acuity is subhumale. Later, Jerry offhandedly mentions Rick as soon as “briefly foracquire the word for ‘humans’.” Even later on, we watch that lapse take place in actual time.

Rick gets off on elevating himself above all living creatures, so it comes as no surpclimb that when they learn the crew of this ship is being assaulted by a hive mind, it’s actually an ex-girlfriend he sees as virtually equal. It’s a twist you can’t maybe see coming and one that just Rick and Morty could pull off. When she taunts him via the promise of some party drug, he states, “I deserve to execute whatever before you carry out and even more, baby.”

Except, he can’t. He’s one male, and also she’s a cosmic intelligence that can override an unlimited number of civilization.

“You’re the just single mind I’ve met that really sees the massive image,” Unity claims to Rick while under the affect of fractal dust. In the very same conversation, he advises her “remember to let go sometimes.”

Without Rick, Unity is concentrated on global dominance of all sentient beings. With Rick, she gets inebriated and also loses manage of hundreds of human being, resulting in countless deaths. On the flip side, when Rick hangs out with Unity, it entails sex via hundreds of redheads after flying right into a stadium on a hang glider while dressed choose Uncle Sam, all while doppelgangers of his own father watch.

Rick and Morty takes an absurd premise to its breaking suggest and also then pushes it a small little further to watch what kinds of deeper humale truths it deserve to uncover.


Sometimes, even the relationship between 2 civilization deserve to feel choose a drug, an interesting endure of energy where each party pushes the other on and encourages their worst instincts and also behavior. This is the basic nature of a toxic connection, and also it doesn’t take Morty and also Summer very long before they call Rick out on this. He and also Unity bring out the worst in each other. Apart, they can accomplish excellent things, but together they press each other to be self-indulgent and also reckless.

Their shared binge session drives Summer and also Morty amethod, and also it’s Unity that realizes they aren’t excellent for each other.

“I lose that I am and also end up being component of you,” Unity claims to Rick in her goodbye letter. “Due to the fact that in a stvariety way you’re better at what I perform without even trying.” Rick’s egomania forces everyone approximately him to assimilate. We see as a lot occur in the Smith family through their bizarre twist on the nuclear family. Everyone other than for Jerry is thirsty for Rick’s approval.

One of my personal favorite punchlines in the entirety series happens midmeans through the episode. Ever the veteran on Rick’s adendeavors, Morty is content to just accept this whole hive mind point as a truth of life, however Summer sees it as the unsimply subjugation of a whole species. You might make a solid dispute for either case, but Rick and also Morty uses this as an possibility to convey that for Morty and also Summer, it’s really around petty sibling rivalry.

Like their mommy, they both spend a lot of time and power vying for their grandfather’s attention and also love. When the abovementioned binge session causes Unity to shed manage of a large swath of aliens, they reobtain regulate over their bodies and also resume a violent race battle over which subspecies has actually much better nipples. Morty, who’s been cautioning Summer all lengthy, scoffs at her shocked reaction as soon as this happens.

“Oh, Summer,” Morty laughs. “First race war, huh?”

Time and time again, Morty or Summer will take the short-sighted high road trying to perform great in a stvariety case, however when they perform, it inevitably simply reasons more troubles in the chaotic world. Rick learned the leskid to not interfere a lengthy time back, leaving him jaded and unmotivated.

Just shy of 3 minutes right into this episode, Jerry rummages roughly in the garage looking for his weed-whacker — “‘Causage our weeds are wack, yo.” — and he goes via a cabinet that has 2 bulbs via red crystals and some kind of frozen blob.

He and also Beth go on to uncover an alien in a lair listed below the garage that eats babies and has “Gap AIDs” that this smaller sized creature may or may not be pertained to, yet it’s an exciting Easter egg of sorts to location this thing in this scene.

After Unity has dumped Rick, he returns residence sullen, uncharacteristically avoiding all disputes via the rest of the household to retreat right into the garage. There, he thaws the creature and also transforms it to ash through a facility tool powered by one of these red crystal bulbs. Getting increasingly more drunk, he transforms the laser on his own head prior to passing out, directly preventing the beam and also particular death.


The haphazard method he executes the whole thing and even the masking tape holding the contraption together is, as one fan put it, a representation of “endmuch less genius limited just by personal faults.” Rick’s brilliant sufficient to do whatever he wants, but that genius is a burden.

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There’s a really compelling fan concept out there on Reddit that this Cronenberg-esque creature is the malformed kid of Unity and Rick on account of its humanoid skeleton. Is this him heartbroken, offering up on all hope of resolving this creature’s DNA currently that their connection is over? Or is it pertained to the alien that Beth and also Jerry released from the basement? Or is he trying to number out a cure for the planet that he accidentally transformed into Cronenberg monsters?

As much as we can desire the logical truth behind what happened right here, series co-creators Dan Harmon and also Justin Roiland also seem adept at preventing definitive answers to these kinds of big inquiries. The pain, the trauma, and also the explanation might forever before be shrouded in mystery. But it’s that intrigue that keeps so many type of of us enthralled with Rick and also Morty.