If you ask magician Penn Jillette – the more talkative fifty percent of Penn and also Teller – why he constantly wears red polish on his left ring finger, you’re liable to get among three standards answer:

It implies he once swarm a guy for asking individual question.When Penn initially started perdeveloping, his mother told him to acquire a manicure because world would certainly be looking at his hands. In response to this, Penn had all of his nails painted red as a joke. The one remaining red fingernail is in honor of his dear mom.The red fingernail offers wonderful misdirection and is simply ordinary cool.

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And that ain’t all. As of last December, Penn is sporting a complete collection of acrylic nails, according to the duo’s Sin City website. Describing himself as “the world’s slowest drag queen” in his digital diary, Penn says, “They are beautiful, they are strong…I feel bionic.”


How to Pick a Perfect Salon Layout

by Staff

Whether you are simply pondering a salon layout adjust or you are in the middle of a salon renovation, we hope this article will certainly aid overview your direction. A salon layout that accommodates its guests and also stylists will assist business boom while keeping employees and also clients happy. 

7 Ways to Make Easy Passive Income as a Nail Tech

by Staff

Passive revenue is revenue that requires little bit to no initiative to earn and also keep, and also in today’s video we’ll be going over seven means to make straightforward passive earnings as a nail technology.


In partnership with Amex

A Rewarding Business

by Laurel Nelson

Amerideserve to Express is helping salon owners gain their businesses back on track through tips, devices, discounts and also more.


SALON TOUR: Chao Nail + Bar in Nashville

by Staff

Establiburned in 2020, Chào Nail + Bar is supplying an eco-friendly environment that delights the senses and brings joy to the body, mind, and spirit.


How-to Transition Your Clients to New Staff

by Tracy Vinson

A salon owner has actually a lot on their plate that employees recognize nothing about. It's essential that the owner is not so busy working IN their service, that they can't job-related ON their company. Here's how one owner started to cost-free herself up.

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When People Pleasing Backfires

by Staff

In a civilization wbelow everyone loves to provide an opinion, why ignoring some of them have the right to be the ideal thing you execute. Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon, discusses exactly how not all opinions count.

5 Salon Interior Deauthorize Trends to Energize Your Space

by Staff

A well-executed beauty salon or spa interior style can connect and also reinpressure your brand message and also pave the method for an extra enjoyable service suffer. Here are 5 patterns and also the images that illustrate how they come to life in a salon room.

Building a Brand Through Social Media

by Staff

At Sola Reconnected, Pureology's Jamie Wiley common tips for utilizing social to recruit brand-new clients, promote your organization and communicate your existing audience. 

When Choosing a Nail Salon for Their Next off Pedicure, Here's What Clients Are Told to Look For

by Staff

As sandal season gets underway, right here is what the California State Board of Barbering and also Cosmetology advises consumers to look for once selecting a salon for their pedicure business.

Deauthorize the Perfect Salon Studio to Align With Your Brand

by Staff

 "Moving from a typical salon to your own studio have the right to be overwhelming, yet it doesn't have to be. No salon was EVER built in at some point." Bianca Margolis shares just how she determined her vision for her salon and her business.

How Salons Are Responding to CDC’s Lifting of the Mask Mandate

by Anne Moratto

Here is just how five salons are publicly interacting their plans after the CDC issued an update to mask guidelines.

NAIL FILES: How This Nail Salon Owner Revamped Her Business to Attract More Clients and also Technicians

by Tracy Vinson

We often view the words “luxe” or “high-end” attached to many kind of of advanced salon names. But what about little vintage salons that provided to be all the rage? Meet Julia Paul in Windsor, Virginia that “inherited” a back-in-the-day salon, and also is trying her exceptionally best to carry the area into the twenty-initially century.

Press-On Nails Are Here to Stay: How Manicurists Can Make the Most of It

by Gina Escandon

Nail educator Tracy Vinson shares how to ride the wave of press-on popularity and how an entrepreneurial mindset deserve to help you lug in business.

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The Suite Life: Photo Tour of the Nail Artelier by Julie K

by Staff

This bijoux space provides a private endure featuring a range of high-high quality nail solutions. See the beautiful deco architecture and also the selfie wall!

Three Things to Never before Share with Clients

by Carlos Valenzuela

It’s easy to forgain that the actual reason a client is in your chair is to gain their hair, nails, or skin done. Tright here are 3 items I would never before share via someone I check out every 6 weeks for a passist service—no matter just how cool they are.

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