George Lucas’ Star Wars world is an extremely big narrative that consists of many various mysteries. And while most of these are answered within the scope of the expanded Legends cosmos, people who haven’t gone previous the movies might wonder why certain points are as they are. One of those points is the topic of today’s article – the disappearance of Ben Kenobi after his duel through Darth Vader. Why did Ben Kenobi disappear? Keep analysis to discover out!

Ben Kenobi disshowed up after being struck by Darth Vader’s lightsaber because he turned into a Force Ghost, choose his teacher, Qui-Gon Jinn, before him. Although that is not a preeminence, both understand Yoda and also Luke Skywalker later disshowed up, while Qui-Gon Jinn Darth Vader didn’t.

When George Lucas launched the franchise in 1977, with the movie Star Wars (later titled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope for continuity reasons), no one supposed that it would certainly come to be one of the biggest stories of the contemporary area. Star Wars wasn’t initially that effective, but as the years passed, the franchise became a cult timeless, attracting generations of fans and also currently encompassing nine primary continuity movies, video games, a number of TV mirrors, comic publications and a range of merchandise that made George Lucas famed. The franchise is this day owned by Disney, but wherever it can seek the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars will undoubtedly remain one of the pivotal components of modern-day society.

Now, let us check out the answer to the main question.

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Ben Kenobi’s duel with Darth Vader
What actually taken place to Ben Kenobi? Why did he disappear?

Ben Kenobi’s duel with Darth Vader

In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, George Lucas’ original Star Wars movie, Ben Kenobi appears as a hermit from Tatooine who rescues Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2 from a gang of Tuskan Raiders. It later transforms out that Ben Kenobi is one of the last surviving Jedi and that he kbrand-new Luke’s father; at that suggest, it was not yet well-known that Darth Vader is in reality Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker.


Ben Kenobi decides to aid Luke, yet additionally train him in the ways of the Jedi. While on their journey, the encounter and enlist the aid of Han Solo and Chewbacca, that are intended to take them to Alderaan on their ship, the Millennium Falcon. When they realise Alderaan has actually been destroyed, they follow an Imperial TIE Fighter to the Death Star and acquire drawn inside.

While trying to escape, they are aware that they’ll probably challenge Darth Vader, which is why Ben Kenobi sends the others ameans so he can produce a distraction. Soon sufficient, Ben Kenobi faces Darth Vader, that is revealed to be his former apprtempt. The 2 engage in a lightsaber duel, which was – in our opinion – among the best moments of the entirety Original Trilogy and also you have the right to check it out in the following video:

As you have the right to view, the duel was brief and it was part of Ben Kenobi’s arrangement to secure a safe escape for Luke and also the others. Ben Kenobi gladly faced his previous apprtempt and also it was definitely among the a lot of memorable moments of the whole franchise. During the duel, Ben Kenobi warned Darth Vader that striking him down would cause him becoming even more powerful, but Vader – simply prefer before – didn’t listen to his former Master’s warning.

When Luke witnessed the duel, Ben Kenobi smiled and let his guard dvery own, permitting Vader to strike him dvery own with his saber. But, instead of dying in the standard feeling of the word, Ben Kenobi just disappeared, leaving his robe and also his lightsaber in front of Vader. So, what happened?

What actually happened to Ben Kenobi? Why did he disappear?

The loss of Ben Kenobi in the initially Star Wars movie was the initially such minute in the totality franchise. Namely, the principle of Force Ghosts had not been defined as much as that suggest, however was defined later, as the franchise developed and also broadened. This is why Kenobi’s loss was so confmaking use of to many viewers at the time. So, what actually happened?

In Revenge of the Sith, Master Yoda increates Obi-Wan Kenobi that a former friend, Obi-Wan’s understand, Qui-Gon Jinn, has actually learned how to usage the Force to come back from fatality. Chronologically, this was the first point out of a Force Ghost and also although Qui-Gon was not able to show up as a Gorganize, he was able to connect with the living, hence coming to be the initially Force Ghost ever before.

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Yoda disappearing after ending up being one through the Force

Based on Yoda’s words and the events that complied with, we have the right to state that Qui-Gon taught both Obi-Wan and Yoda exactly how to come earlier as Force Ghosts, which explains Ben Kenobi’s warning addressed to Darth Vader: “You can’t win, Vader. If you strike me dvery own, I shall become even more powerful than you deserve to possibly imagine.” Vader, of course, did not understand how to use this method since it was – at the moment – exclusive to the Jedi, so he could not even comprehend the true meaning of Ben Kenobi’s warning.

A Force Ghold is basically the soul and significance of a deceased Force-sensitive who denied the will of the Force upon death, yet had the ability to communicate with the living. It additionally refers to those that committed a final act of selflessness that brought about their death, and have actually involved terms via it. Based on the truth that Ben Kenobi let Vader kill him, we believe that he ended up being a Force Ghold by means of a final act of selflessness.

Luke Skywalker disappearing after coming to be one through the Force

So, Ben Kenobi did and did not disshow up. He did disshow up in the literal feeling of the word, because his body disappeared, but that was an extremely advanced means of dying, considering that he instantly became one via the Force, later showing up as a actual Force Ghost. This manner of death is not unknown in the Star Wars films, because both Yoda and Luke Skywalker disshowed up immediately upon dying, coming to be Force Ghosts.

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