Why does notepad open on startup windows 10

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Right click the Task Bar and also pick Task Manager

The Startup Tab should have actually preloading programs provided so examine with that. You can disable those that you are suspicious about.

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If that does not help then tright here is a program from SysInternals (a jiyuushikan.org department) referred to as AutoRuns. Whereas the Startup tab of Task Manager deserve to be a little bit simplistic AutoRuns is somewhat overwhelming. Use the search facility to look for entries that include either Notepad or *.txt

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Have gone through the Startup, nothing tright here, downloaded AutoRuns, waded via the list nothing tbelow.

NotePad loads through a small error home window which you must acknowledge before proceeding.




Hi Leighton,

We need extra information to much better aid you via your problem. Please administer the following:

When did the problem start?Do you watch any type of error messeras or error codes? If so, what is the precise error message?Aside from the procedures provided in this threview, what other troubleshooting measures have actually you done so far?

We look forward to hearing from you.


A month or so back.A tiny error box in the middle of the Notepad blank web page, stating, "Access Denied"I have actually only done the procedures within this threview.

When I cshed this box the Notepad blank web page is left and also then I cshed Notepad.

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I need to do this eexceptionally time the computer boots!



Hi Leigh,

Windows 10 can collection programs to run immediately at startup. This indicates that you deserve to add or remove a program once your computer system starts. Visit thislink to know just how to remove start-up applications.

Let us understand if this functions for you.


That got me to where the Notepad App is, however it will not permit me to Delete it because I am not the Administrator!!

I signed in as User which is what I supplied on installation, I offered Task manager to attempt and also change my Sign In yet it stated you require a password to readjust. After I put in a password in it still did not permit me to select Administrator as it was greyed out, what now?



To better isolate your worry with startup programs, we"d prefer to recognize the following:

If you have actually access on the Administrator Account.If you are working via a agency under their doprimary network.The perboy who uses this setting on your COMPUTER.

We"re looking forward to your reply.

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I do not appear to have accessibility to the Administrator account, this is a personal PC and I set up Windows 10.

When I go to delete NotePad in Startup, it claims that I require permission from USER-PCUser, that"s that I am signed in as!!! I think!

After I put a Password to authorize in to Windows 10, as said, that statement readjusted from Administrator to the above,