Isyour white gold jewelry gradually fading to a yellowing shine? Don"t stress; it"s not that your sebum or sweat is staining it, nor is it because you got a low-quality item of bling. And you"re not alone!

We acquired emailsfrom clients asking why their gorgeous white gold wedding band or the prongs of their engagement ring and studs are turning yellow.

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The quick answer: it"s normal.

Now, sit ago through a cup of tea and also your yellowing-yet-still-beautiful jewelry in your palm, and also save analysis for the longform answer…


Then how is white gold made?

Back in the day, world offered nickel to provide white gold its shiny white metal look. However before, many kind of people (myself included!) are allergic to nickel and a lot of top quality jewelers won"t usage nickel anymore. Likewise, Gardens of the Sun does not use any type of nickel in any kind of of our jewelry products. That said, we import our solder material from the UK and also it might contain the slightest map quantities of nickel (our supplier is legally obliged to cite this). Unfortunately, we can not control whatever.

Nowadays, many jewelers use palladium in their white gold, which gives it a grey tone and much less of a warm yellow hue. When making use of conventional artisanal smipoint techniques, it deserve to be difficult to get our temperatures high sufficient to appropriately melt the palladium.

When palladium isn"t melted appropriately, it have the right to impact the quality of the finimelted jewelry. Our artisanal gold smiths can not obtain high enough temperatures to melt palladium. That"s why at Gardens of the Sun, we usage silver and also zinc in our white gold, rather than palladium.


As the plating is just a really thin optimal layer, the rhodium often tends to fade over time. This is specifically true around prongs and also corners, which gets the most wear and also tear.

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As our white gold still consists of more gold than "white" steels, the dominant shade underneath still has a grey color through a warmth golden hue.

How quickly the rhodium fades relies on a bunch of factors:

Are you active?

Do you fidobtain via your rings once you"re nervous?

Are you an obsessive polisher? (Like some of us at the studio here…)

Do you wear your jewelry once you jump right into the pool or let it come in contact through family cleaners?

Do you surf and also forget you"ve got jewelry on and also have had actually at least 3 cshed calls to shedding your bling in the barrel?