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Water Tastes Like Dirt: Reasons Your Water May Taste And Smell Bad

Whether you gain your water from a well or a city supply, it’s essential to make sure that the water in your house is sanitary at all times. Over the years, we’ve run into some complaints from city residents who say that their water has a gritty texture that resembles dirt when they drink it. When asked, we sometimes struggle to come up with a definitive answer. The “dirt” taste in water have the right to be exceptionally subjective and also can additionally come from multiple areas. Hence, we hesitate to ever pinallude the trouble to any kind of one source. However, there are some common factors why your water may have actually that “dirt” taste that we’ve outlined in today’s blog.

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Bacteria In Your Faucet Aerator


The initially step in determining the problem, is figuring out whether the “dirt” taste exists in your whole plumbing or simply one single resource. Test the water in multiple faucets and also compare the taste of each one. If only one of your faucets seems to be guilty of the dirt taste, then it could incredibly well be a problem with your faucet aerator, the tiny cylinder that is screwed to the end of your faucet head. Try unscrewing your aerator and also then giving the water one more attempt. Does the water still taste prefer dirt? If not, bacteria has most likely simply gathered in your aerator giving the water a much less than favorable taste. To solve this, ssuggest soak your existing aerator in bleach or rearea it via a new one. The option is all your’s.

Sediment From Your City Water Or Well

If the water tastes bad from all water resources in your home, then perhaps it is coming from your city water supply or well. To be blunt, “if it smells and also tastes choose dirt, it’s probably dirt.” Sometimes sediment from your water supply may discover its method through your plumbing. Luckily, this can be addressed by applying a straightforward water filter to your faucets.

Algae Blooms


Does you water still taste choose soil? We’re not giving up just yet. Often times the difficulty have the right to simply be attributed to algae bimpend. If you haven’t noticed the taste until the summer time, this is many likely what’s going on via your plumbing. When warmer weather creeps in, algae starts to develop at the bottom of lakes, wells and other water resources. While this algae is usually filtered out, tbelow is generally a very small amount of residue that is left over. The result: world with extremely sensitive taste buds might be able to detect these tastes and smells. While they are harmmuch less, it have the right to definitely be annoying to drink. This have the right to be fixed with a basic water filter too for the summer months. Once the weather cools dvery own, you have to be able to remove your filter and gain your water without wincing eextremely sip.

Metals From Pipes

Anothing thing to take into consideration when trying to figure out why your water tastes dirty is the age of your plumbing systems. If you have older pipes, the dirt you taste can have originated from copper, iron or lead pipes that bring your water to your faucets. These elements may discover their method right into your water supply for this reason bring about your water to taste funny and also possibly come out discolored (normally rusted). While copper and iron are safe to drink in low concentrations, you have to speak drinking your water instantly if you have reason to think the taste is from lead pipes. To eliminate harmful lead substances in your water supply some resources suggest making use of a carbon filter. Even if you gain a filter you need to have actually your water tested automatically for any type of lead substances.

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If you still have actually concerns around the top quality of your water, consider sfinishing a sample off to a testing lab. Some labs such as Budget Water will certainly actually test your water for free. As well, a local ptimber might have the ability to come out and also assess the situation. Don’t be afrhelp to exercise these alternatives if you are worried it can be somepoint serious.

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