Question: Hello, I have noticed my urine smells of smoked bacon and also over the last 6 months or so it has a tobacco prefer smell. I have high cholesterol and also have Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome for 12 years. I am worried around this current smoky smell. I haven"t been exceptionally good with water and also drink the majority of coffee. Thank you!I"m constipated from medication (25mg analgesic methadone for the IC pain), I have 2 x anti depressants, propranolol for racing heart, stress, a bad marital relationship, poor sleep and nocturia, a very sore lower back esp in the morning, poor limited movement and incredibly unfit. I get 3 day extremely painful headaches. I likewise have actually emerged clusters of moles under the breast location on both sides and also have actually approx 4 moles about the upper thigh. They save on popping up and also prospering.

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Short Answer:Sign of focused urine/coffee drinking/UTIDetailed Answer:Hi, The urine smelling of smoked bacon/tobacco like smell is authorize of : - focused urine (much less water consumption)- drinking lots of coffee- urinary tract infection (UTI)I suggest to run: - urine analysis- urine society and also sensitivity testing- abdominal ultrasound- vaginal swab testingto rule out infection and get effectively treated with antibiotic of option. I advise to: - drink more water- prevent coffee/oily/fried/salty foods- take OTC herbal tea for uro-genital problems containing uva-ursi, cranberry, fern rock, and so on.- take OTC urine pH alkalinizers (magnesium/zinc citrate salts)Hope it helped! Let me know if you require even more assistance!Dr.Albana


Thanks for this. I can't take cranberry - while it's good for continual bacterial cystitis, Interstitial Cystitis is NOT bacterial - it's an inflammation of the GAG layer of the bladder wall. Anypoint acidic prefer cranberry, juices, spicy foods items exacerbates the pain. Could the smoky smell be somepoint to execute through blood sugar, diabetes? May I ask what is fern stone? Is it safe for Interstitial Cystitis? I perform not participate in ANY sexual intercourse via my husband so it would certainly be unlikely to be a UTI. What else would produce a bacon prefer smoessential smell?

Short Answer:Following answer...Detailed Answer:Hi ago, Thank you for complying with up. Interstitial cystitis is frequently connected with bacterial UTI. You have actually been diagnosed via interstitial cystitis considering that 12 years; while the bacon favor smovital smell showed up only recently (6 months). So, most most likely you might be having a UTI which is established by urine analysis and urine culture. Although you carry out not participate in any sexual intercourse via your husband also, vaginal swab testing is said to preeminence out vaginal infection which is widespread among womales. The diabetic urine smells choose sugar and not bacon like smell. You can run urine analysis (which will certainly evaluate the sugar content in urine too) together blood sugar testing to exclude diabetes. To my opinion, the changes in your urine smell is regarded infection or focused urine and also too a lot consumptions of coffee (as per your report: "I haven't been extremely excellent via water and drink a lot of coffee"). With regards to diet, patients via interstitial cystitis are advised to pay attention to foods items and also drinks they consume and exactly how carry out they influence their symptoms. Fern stone is a medicinal herb that have the right to be taken as a tea. I always advise to my patients, even in those through interstitial cystitis as you and I have actually checked out good results in them. You can find it at any drug store. Dr.Albana

Thanks for your response. I have watched numerous urologists in UK, New Zealand also and Los Angeles. I've had actually a functional cystoscopy, I've had actually a bladder stretch with hydro-distention and I've invested months self-catheteclimbing to attempt and also acquire on top of the pain but nothing functions apart from the unique I.C. diet. You point out that IC is frequently associated via bacterial UTI... yet there is no bacterial existing. As IC has no cure and also there is never before any kind of bacteria present in the UA it can't be treated favor your usual UTI. Do you have experience via bacteria and IC? Please elaborate as I would certainly be extremely keen to know.The medicinal herb sounds good give thanks to you - I will certainly study and try to discover it in New Zealand. What dimensions would you use for baking soda in water for alkalise the urine? Thank you

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Short Answer:My major area of interest: UTI, IC, kidney problemDetailed Answer:Hi, If the urine tests did not display any bacterial infection, then, all the symptoms you are suffering are pertained to less water and coffee consumption. The urine tests are essential to be conducted to exclude bacterial infection.When bacteria is absent, I generally prescribe: - anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressants as you are currently taking. If methadone is not doing sufficient impact, can ask to adjust to another painkiller- antihystamines drugs to relieve inflammation. You deserve to comment on about this choice via your urologistIf no improvement, or the symptoms will become worse, I'd discuss via urologist if eligible for bladder instillation therapy. My major field of interemainder is contagious conditions consisting of UTI, genital and also bowel infections. All the advice offered to you is from my individual suffer via my patients; they have actually succeeded to treat their uro-genital problems via such actions and drugs prescribed. I have to admit that I have been dealing with rare cases of IC in my exercise, which I store encouraging to follow the appropriate diet and lifestyle transforms (including regulating stress).I normally recommfinish my patients with urinary tract difficulties to use baking soda to alkalise the urine. At your situation, I would be exceptionally cautious and also attentive as the extended usage of baking soda would certainly reason modification in pH of your blood and stomach liquids, and also can cause undesirable side results. So, I would not indicate to take it on everyday basis as IC is chronic. You deserve to take for 2 weeks on everyday basis, then, stop for some days and re-take aget. Or can take it 2 or 3 days/week or depending on the symptoms. Meanwhile, I highly indicate to monitor blood pH and also electrolytes. Hope it answered to your queries! Let me know if you need better assistance!Dr.Albana