Why does my samsung s5 keep freezing


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November 11, 2015


Several Samsung Galaxy S5 owners have actually reported that the Galaxy S5 keeps crashing and also freezing regardmuch less of the application that they run. Below we’ll define just how to resolve the Galaxy S5 crashing and also freezing problem.

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There are numerous reasons that the Galaxy S5 freezes, and ultimately crashingon your Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s vital to note that before you complete any kind of of the complying with services, that you have to upday the Galaxy S5 to the latestsoftware application update.If any type of app proceeds to crash oftenafter the software program update, please follow the instructions listed below on how to settle the Galaxy S5 from freezing and crashing.

Delete negative apps to deal with crashing problem

It’s common thatpoor third-party apps will some time cause the Galaxy S5 to crash. It’s said to initially read reviews of theproblematic application in the Google Play Store to see if others are taking care of the exact same problems. Because Samsung can’tresolve the stcapability of third-party apps so it is dvery own to the developer to enhance their application. If the application hasn’t been resolved after some time, it’s recommended to delete the poor app.

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Memory problem

Sometimes as soon as you don’t restart your Galaxy S5 in numerous days, apps begin to freeze and also crash randomly.The reason for this is because the application may save crashing is because of a memory glitch. By turning the GalaxyS5 on and off, it can settle that problem. If it doesn’t follow these steps:

From the Home display touch Apps.TouchManage Applications(you may should swipe left or appropriate to situate it first).Touch the application that keeps crashing.Touch Clear Documents and also Clear Cache.

Factory reset Galaxy S5

If the Galaxy S5difficulty can’tbe figured out then you may need to perdevelop a factory information recollection to solve the concern. It’s essential tonote that youwill certainly shed all applications and conserved information, consisting of your Google account settings, so encertain that you earlier up your gadget prior to perdeveloping the reset.

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It’s as a result of a lack of memory

The unstable app might not have sufficient memory on your tool to function well.Try uninstalling any type of unoffered or very ingenerally usedappsand/or deleting some media files to complimentary up internal memory.