Overheating is just one of the prevalent errors that are very generally confronted by the Samsung Galaxy S4 individuals. Most of the users have actually the reasoning that faulty battery is the main factor of overheating. But there are usually numerous reasons that contribute to this difficulty such as software application errors, SD card and also faults in the apps. Overheating reduces the battery life and also dameras your phone. Here are some services.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating issue

Ways to solve Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating issue

First, you have to update all the apps by going to Google play store as corrupted applications and the apps which are not updated can produce this error. So update all the apps, which display a message ready to upday. Re-check the apps after updating, and if you find any type of apps showing as not updated even though you have actually updated it, delete it.Faulty SD-card can be a solid factor behind this trouble, so format the SD-card and also then insert it in your phone to uncover out if the trouble is decreased to some level. Take a backup of all the information prior to formatting.If you are dealing with the overheating problem due to the software-connected problem, then OTA updates have the right to fix the Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating concern.Check the bloatware and background procedures in your Galaxy S4 as sometimes it is the software to be blamed for such overheating worry and not the battery. In instance the high variety of background processes keeps running in the background consistently, it usually outcomes in overheating of the battery and also fast battery drain also. Find bloatware apps and disable them and speak background procedures. Also, go to the Settings > More > Battery to inspect what are the apps that are utilizing unusual amount of battery and also delete them from the gadget.


Close the apps that you are not utilizing as many apps that run at a time have the right to overwarmth your phone. But if you don’t alert any kind of readjust after closing the apps, then it can be a hardware problem, and you have to call the company facility.Water damage can also develop this overheating issue. If this is the situation, the service facility is the just method to get rid of this concern.Disable the Bluetooth, GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and also additionally dim the display screen.If the phone is getting heated while utilizing ear piece then you need to put your phone in CPU power saving mode. For that go to Setups > My Device > permit Power conserving mode. Now you have to click the power-conserving mode tab and also it will certainly open up a brand-new page. Tright here you will certainly see 3 options, among them CPU power conserving tab that needs to be turned on.Putting your Galaxy S4 right into the Airaircraft mode can be useful if the phone is gaining overheated while charging. The factor is when the phone is charging the battery is in usage consistently, searching Wi-Fi signals or netjob-related and in such a instance overheating difficulty occurs in some phones.

So inspect all these procedures and if the problem still exists, then call your dealer or service provider and ask for a replacement.

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