My PS3 slim randomly and incredibly typically shuts itself off. It won"t also display it is in standby.(History around the tool is that it has actually had 2 nasty drops from the entertainment facility due to mishaps. There is no external damage visible.)

At times we can acquire it to come on and continue to be on for a length of time that is random as well. Other times we can press the button 100 times and it will certainly not come on and stay on. We have opened it and cleaned it and also watched what happened when we turned it on. The fan transforms on and does not make any kind of starray noises or anypoint, however within a few seconds it shuts itself off entirely aget. We are acquiring extremely discouraged. We have actually been to a number of blogs and youtube videos without any type of actual remedies. If it is the power source how do we inspect it out to be certain that is what it is? We do not want to attempt and relocation useful components and also potentially reason more concerns. PLEASE HELP!!!

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When I revolve my slimline 160gb ps3 on within a issue of secs it turns off yet u can hear the fan spinning what will the trouble be

Eextremely time I turn off my PS3 it randomly turns back on and I don"t understand what the reason of it is . might anybody help me answer this question??

Did you ever before uncover out what the actual problem was

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I had my slim acting up on me a few months back. I would certainly be playing a game and it would just freeze up and rotate itself off entirely.

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Have you tried to get to the reset menu? I understand you"re saying that the power button doesn"t occupational all the time, but here"s just how. Press and also hold the power switch, you"ll hear a beep that transforms the unit on adhered to by another beep (which I think is the video reset) and then two quick beep beep. Let go of the power switch. It"ll tell you to plug your controller into the PS3 through the USB cable.

You can test via any type of of the options you check out tright here. The manufacturing facility recollection will obviously wipe messeras off your mechanism and also will certainly make whatever default aget.

With my slim, the worry became the difficult drive. I recovered the file system, redeveloped the database, and did a complete system retore. Nopoint operated till I finished up buying a new drive and swapping it out.

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You didn"t say if the device was on when it fell. My concept is that you can have actually a bad connection via the power switch as well as a faulty hard drive. If you have actually a spare lappeak SATA drive, I would put it into the PS3 and also check out if it functions after formatting the drive.