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My minimize and maximize buttons are absent in the optimal right hand edge. The only thing up tright here is the "X" close switch. Please help me get them ago.


I use to be able to view the buttons and separation my screen but without those I"m unable to do so, It seems as if the computer system made it"s very own alters. Since even when I log right into my lapheight it"s not the very same.

Thank you

I use to be able to view the butlots and break-up my display but without those I'm unable to carry out so, It seems as if the computer system made it's own changes. Since also as soon as I log right into my lapheight it's not the same.Thank you
Hi !

Could it be that you"re in Tablet Mode instead of Deskheight Mode ?

You deserve to check Windows Setups to make sure ...... and if you are in Tablet Mode, change the setting to Deskpeak Setting.

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Then those minimize and also maximize buttons have to be back.

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