LG G3 is having actually a weird trouble wright here it shuts dvery own itself without any warnings. This difficulty has actually been reported by some individuals who have actually sassist that they have discovered their phones turned off even though they never before pressed the power button to shut them down.

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The LG G3 is having actually a lot of troubles lately. A few of the many popular LG G3 difficulties and also fixes are Camera Crash, Keyboard Lag and also Bluetooth has quit warning. Since the LG G3 has probably the best screen, good specifications and plenty of functions, one may think that it is the perfect smartphone.

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While it is an excellent tool, it absolutely isn’t perfect. As you saw over, the LG G3 has actually the majority of difficulties actually also though they deserve to conveniently be resolved. The latest trouble is around the phone all of a sudden shutting down for no obvious reason. It doesn’t go to Deep Sleep mode yet it completely turns off.


LG hasn’t said anypoint about this and looks prefer it isn’t a firmware concern which have the right to be addressed through an upday. Follow the options listed below to solve the problem on your LG G3.


Many of Android customers root their phones and install tradition ROMs. These ROMs have the alternative to overclock, underclock and also change the voltage for better performance and also better battery life. While most of the customers commonly overclock their phones, others underclock theirs for much better battery life in exreadjust for worse performance.

Sometimes, the frequency can be set extremely low which will break the phone and also make it to suddenly turn off to proccasion any kind of possible dameras. If you have underclocked or overlcocked your LG G3 even more than the recommfinished worths, make certain to edit them. This will certainly settle the difficulty.


Sometimes, different mounted apps can pressure the LG G3 to shut dvery own. This can take place when an application causes the processor to run at its maximum frequency for lengthy periods of time. To prevent overheating, the phone instantly transforms off.

The problem is that those apps have the right to tension the phone also once you aren’t using it. Install an application which monitors the CPU usage and also find the application which is causing the trouble and also delete it.

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Rerelocate Battery

The trouble have the right to also be battery related. Rerelocate the battery and also clean the gold pins. Dirty pins have the right to reason malfunction of the battery which renders the phone to revolve off.