Tbelow are two types of indents that can be adjusted: paragraphs and also bullet points. Each has actually a separate way of adjusting (boosting and decreasing) the indent size. Below are the different ways you deserve to move the indentation in Microsoft Word.

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First line indent via tab

The first line indent deserve to always be developed utilizing the Tab on the key-board. To readjust the initially line indent size or indent the complete paragraph, continue analysis the listed below suggestions.

Indent paragraph with shortcut key

A finish paragraph can be indented with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M and also pressing the keyboard shortcut more than when will indent the paragraph additionally.

Adjusting indents utilizing the ruler

To adjust a paragraph indent size, usage the Ruler, which is listed below the food selection bar and resembles the picture presented below. If this function is not visible, watch our document on just how to allow the Ruler.

Towards the left side of the Ruler, look for indent markers that resemble an hourglass, like the picture shown listed below.


The height marker (down arrow) controls the first line indent, and the middle marker (up arrow) controls the hanging indent (the indent for lines after the first line in each paragraph). The bottom marker (tiny box) controls the left indent. To readjust these indents, you have the right to click-and-drag each marker to the ideal or left.


To adjust the indentation for a whole record, select all text in the record (push Ctrl+A), then change the indent spacing in the leader as detailed above.


If a huge indent is developed once pressing the Tab and also adjusting the indent on the Ruler does not occupational, readjust the Left Tab Stop in the Ruler.

Changing indents in the Paragraph window

Anvarious other means to readjust the indents is to view the Paragraph settings. To watch this window, double-click the markers in the leader, click Format and also then Paragraph. You can also area the cursor in the paragraph, right-click via your mouse, and also decided Paragraph.

As checked out below in the Paragraph home window, under the Indentation area, the left and best indent settings have the right to be adjusted. You can likewise change the first line indent and also hanging indent size under the Special option in the Indentation area.


At the bottom of the Paragraph settings home window, you can pevaluation the look of the indent sizes you are establishing and make transforms as necessary until you acquire it the means you desire.

Adsimply the indent on the Ribbon in Word 2007 and later

If you"re using a newer version of Microsoft Word that supplies the Ribbon, such as Word 2007 or 2013, carry out the adhering to.

Click the Layout or Page Layout tab.Adjust the indent settings in the Paragraph section.

To check out the Paragraph home window discussed in the above area, click the tiny down arrow shown by the red arrowhead in the photo listed below.


Adjusting the bullet and numbering indentation


The simplest method of adjusting the bulallows and number list in all versions of Word is to change the left indent with the Microsoft Word leader bar.


To change the spacing in between the bullet and also the text in a list, you may must change the Left Tab Stop in the Ruler.


Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and later

Click among the bulallows at the level you desire to change in the document.Right-click the bullet and select Adjust List Indents in the pop-up food selection.In the Adjust List Indents window, change the Bullet position to adjust the bullet indent dimension or change the Text indent to adjust the message indent size after a bullet. As shown, the Bullet position is at .25 inches and the Text indent is at .5 inches (or one-half inch).

Microsoft Word 2000 and earlier

Place your cursor in a bulleted or numbered line in the record.Click the Format food selection at the optimal of the Word routine and choose the Bulallows and Numbering alternative.In the Bulallows and also Numbering home window, click the Customize button on among the initially 3 tabs, depending on the type of list you are changing.In the home window that opens, change the indent size for the bullet place and the message place. At the bottom of the window, you deserve to pevaluation exactly how the indentation sizing looks and also make transforms as necessary until you gain it the means you desire.

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You deserve to likewise accessibility the Bullet and also Numbering window by placing your message cursor on a bulleted or numbered line and also right-clicking in the Word document. In the pop-up menu, choose the Bulallows and Numbering option.