Ive been caring for my father 5 years. I told myself that I was willing to do it until he forgets that I am and also I come to be overwhelmed w poop.

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The poop thing is happening now. I got him reusable diapers, which I have a device for cleaning and also don't mind washing. Diapers, fine. I deserve to control that.

What I cannot cope via is poop on the bathroom floor, on his shoes, on the kitchen floor, smumelted in the the carpet, on the light switch, on his pants sitting on the couch, everywhere. He tries to clean it it up, so it isn't noticeable occasionally. Like today, I experienced the lightswitch was smeared in it yet I hadn't viewed it at first bereason he wiped it off - but only superficially. (so more than likely i touched it a couple of times before noticing.)


This can be my breaking suggest, unmuch less I have the right to find a way to manage. I won't put him in a home throughout covid or as soon as I can't visit him, but the poop almost everywhere thing (only started the last week or two) is TOO MUCH.

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Do booked bathroom breaks with him. Even if it's eexceptionally hour. Gloves assist.

Reminding yourself that he most likely faced your diaper blowouts once you were a baby and also this is karmic payearlier might be a means to laugh around it.

I've found generally poop gets anywhere when it becomes uncomfortable so also if he is incontinent of the bowels, hopecompletely frequent bathroom trips will certainly contain it at least.

You probably currently recognize this, however with incontinence comes the hazard of skin breakdvery own. They market an adult obstacle cream to defend his skin, however honestly I just used desetin (baby diaper rash ointment) through my mom. So a lot cheaper!

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Here’s another thing you won’t favor - if there’s poop anywhere, that implies it’s still on him. And you need to acquire it off. Eexceptionally single time it happens. Or his skin will certainly break dvery own and also then that’s a entirety different ballgame. You sure don’t desire open sores down there. So you’re going to have to usage a hot soapy wash rag and go to town on him, whether he likes it or not. I carry out not envy you one little. Stay solid dude.

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Some great comments from the other folks.. My dad and also my grandma additionally had actually similar troubles. My grandma provided to hide it in her drawers of clean apparel also. For my dad yeah it simply ended up wherevers specifically the floor as soon as we can get him to potty fast sufficient. :p

One thought i am having actually now, which i didn't gain to attempt as soon as they were alive (my mommy was primary caretaker), is using fiber to make poop times more predictable, maybe? I would certainly attempt it like this:

maybe trying to give them even more fiber like all bran, if dad is still able to corun and eat whatever you offer him. For some world this have the right to make poop times even more constant and also predictable, and heck probably "neater." But include it slowly, and make sure he drink a lot of fluids bc you dont want constipation or diarrhea. :p you might think about asking his pcp for advice on this, and making certain its ok. If you consider something choose metamucil, certainly examine doc bc it might mess through absorption of other meds. I didn't attempt this with my dad or grandma but i can tell you it makes my poops super predictable (sorry if tmi however oh well).

Make certain he gets physical task, like walking around eincredibly day, at the same time, perhaps after remainder after a meal. Im just thinking this is also great for digestion, plus, it need to have actually various other benefits, choose making him exhausted and readier to sleep at appropriate times. My mom actually did execute this for both dad and also grandma.

Like various other commenter argued have actually booked toilet breaks even if he doesn't have to go. My mother did precisely this when she figured out as soon as dad was the majority of most likely to mess.. It worked for dad however grandma was harder to predict. You can simply schedule hourly potty breaks yet i think in basic, its intended to not be healthy to sit on toilet excessively. Like can increase chance of hemorrhoids or somepoint. So if you might ballpark better once poop will happen (with fiber and also activity) probably that will certainly help.

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I dunno, i think thats what i would certainly try if i had actually to do it aget. Anyway great luck.