Your feet are itchy after showering. The skin is usually drier in the winter time due to cold weather and also fabricated heating. During the summer, human being are guilty of going without shoes or sticking to their sandals. But possibly this doesn’t define the reason for the itchiness on the soles of your feet.

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For some, it doesn’t issue if the water supplied for showering is cold or hot, but greatly, it results those that enjoy the warm water. The itchiness deserve to be serious for those very same people. People report that their soles itch so much that the skin comes off. The sad part is that scratching doesn’t aid.

The itching only lasts for around 15 minutes, 30 at the most, however that can seem favor an eternity. It’s also the burning and also tingling that renders life so uncomfortable.

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1 Why Do My Feet Itch After Taking a Shower?1.3 3) Aquagenic Pruritus3 Remedies for Itching After Bathing

Why Do My Feet Itch After Taking a Shower?

Individuals experiencing symptoms favor the ones described above often don’t present any other indications of itchy feet. Severe symptoms incorporate diarrhea, headaches, and abdominal cramps. The fact remains, the symptoms such as a rash, don’t flare up until the feet are hot or cold.

These world or rather, their feet, have actually a sensitivity to heat or sweating. Bouts of itchy feet don’t last long. More so, the indications are common in allergy, atopic dermatitis, and asthma patients. When they aren’t suffering a flare-up, life is fine, so what is it?

Tright here can be many kind of reasons, and also the ideal means to discover out why perform the feet itch after taking a shower is to seek clinical care.

1) Cholinergic Urticaria

Cholinergic Urticaria could be the cause of this annoying, yet rare condition. Both genders can obtain it, however even more males seem to have it than woguys. It doesn’t discriminate versus race either. However, it does seem to have a point through age.

People that are in between the eras of 10 and 30 years old are more prone than any kind of various other age team. They just notification the itchy feet during a nice, warmth shower or a hot bath. Woguys, even more than males, seem to reap warm baths, yet strangely, more men endure Cholinergic Urticaria.

The warm feeling is an indication of the onset of hives. Next off, you have the right to mean to check out a reactivity anywhere on the body, yet more so on the top torso, scalp, legs and also the face. The pain is like someone pricking the skin with a needle. It deserve to happen overall and also cover the entirety body.


Many people are successful by utilizing the following assets or remedies:

Analgesics or pain relieversAlpha interferonAntihistaminesSodium bicarbonate CholestyramineCapsaicin Opioid receptor antagonists

4) Bartonellosis or Cat Scratch Disease (CSD)

Bartonellosis is among the possibilities why the bottoms of the feet itch after showering. The bacteria is transmitted bereason of a bite or scrape from a cat, an infected flea bite, biting flies or ticks and also fleas. How do you understand if a perchild has CSD?

Take a look at the symptoms shown here:

Chronic bacterial infectionFeverSkin rash,Swollen lymph nodesFatigueJoint achesSwellingNeurological abnormalities

Living via the Itchiness after Showering

Some patients store this problem under control by only wearing cotton socks. Walking on the carpet after a shower is out of the question while dust drives up the intensity of the itching. Sunlight reverses instances that are filled through dust and also humidity.In a comparable situation, an additional person’s trigger is cold water. They are also a neat person and discover that a dirty place sets them off. It have the right to be a dirty towel, a bed that’s messy or worn PJ’s.Also, keeping clean linen on the bed helps to calm the itch led to by Aquagenic Pruritus too. With this in mind, baking soda and oatmeal are two house remedies.

Remedies for Itching After Bathing

Shower at night (some use the exceptionally warm water and also pat dry)Avoid lotions or creamsUse 100% cotton clothingStay amethod from dust, humidity, sweat, rainUse an air purifierUse bedding with a high threview countKeep tile floors as clean as possibleAlmeans wear slippers or socks around homeLimit shower times and make certain the room is coolAvoid exfoliating gloves or stonesPat dry or air dry thoabout after a showerCool dvery own before placing on layers of clothesUse petroleum jelly on the infected areas

Imagine being allergic to water and also never gaining earlier right into the shower or being able to step out right into the rain for are afraid of pain. Life deserve to be miserable at this suggest. While itchy skin is nothing to be alequipped about, some find the itching, pricking, and burning unbearably.

Sometimes, sweat will certainly trigger a reactivity, and a rash will certainly take place. Tright here are many various reasons why someone’s feet itch uncontrollably after coming into call through water, warm or cold, however no one knows for certain why it happens. This condition is still under review by the professionals.

It might be because of some food a perchild consumed. One perchild found a attach between her condition and gluten. The reference the majority of prevalent is alleviating the burn and itchiness through cool water or air conditioning. Drinking water helps to cool the body’s temperature, so relief is feasible.

Some human being usage a sponge for bapoint, sheight making use of it for a while and view if it provides a difference. Fortunately for the patients, the burning sensation just lasts a small while, but for some, it might be as long a 2 hrs.

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Creams and also ointments don’t job-related, it appears, largely bereason the problem has actually nothing to execute via dry feet or skin. Drugs like Loratadine have the right to be harmful if also a lot is taken. Only use what is prescribed by the physician.