My ECHO SRM-225 starts on cold setting yet dies out soon after, occasionally one to three minutes, sometimes simply a few secs. Throttling constantly makes it bog dvery own and stop. I freshly reput fuel line and filter (Echo 90097 kit) and still, no better. I have been utilizing TRuFuel 50:1 through no troubles for months till now. I checked the plug, not dirty at all. I just checked the spark arrestor screen, and it was clean. The one point I execute notice is an accumulation of grease/oil near the exhaust.

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Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I had the exact same issue, oily exhaust port and also bog down/stall on acceleration. I disassembled carb.. cleaned, (I thought). Cleaned exhaust port. Still a no go. Then I rerelocated the gas filter, exact same problem. Finally I put the intake hose in my mouth and blew and also sucked on it. I left fuel filter off. Now she is running without bogging down and also idling okay. If I rerelocated the gas filter and blew and also sucked on the line initially, I would not need to go through disassemling the muffler and also carburetor. I sprayed the jets yet the clog should have actually been in the fuel line. I don"t recognize why my exhaust port was so oily and I thought as well a lot fuel was getting with initially, but that was not the situation. I did not make any adjustments to the carburetor. My woeful tale turned to glee and also relief, Thanks for your time.

Billy. I own my own lawn service. Thanks for your guidance.

It was the cap for me and wasn"t acquiring the full power and oil leaked so I replaced the carb for $15 Amazon and also cap, runs like brand-new.

Don"t use gasoline containing ethanol, it plugs carburetor jets.

Is it normal for a Echo weedeater to shut off as soon as it gets to half tank?

March 30 by bigpatsingleton7777

I have cleaned my carb, reput the spark plug, air filter, all the hoses and also fuel filter and am using no ethanol gas blended 50:1. Starts on initially pull idles excellent, however once I throttle it, it bogs down. I think it"s time to buy somepoint else.

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July 25 by Eric Pedersen

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pull and clean your spark plug via some carb cleaner and also a wire brush. had actually the exact very same problem: idling like crap then when I pulled accelerator lever before it would certainly conk out practically every time. pulled the spark plug and also was black. cleaned it, popped it in and voila! numerous smoke for a little bit, yet running prefer a champ.

hope this helps


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