As my dog Oreo lies alongside me on the couch, inching closer to the keyboard in what resembles an army crawl, I’m reminded of all I don’t understand also around him. On a constant basis, his actions puzzle me to no end. I often discover myself reasoning, “Why, Oreo, why?”

Oreo rolls on the ground for no obvious reason — typical.

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I only have actually room for one more question today, so I’ll go with Oreo’s trademark move: rolling onto his ago and thrashing roughly. Why, Oreo, why?

It might have to do through somepoint dog professionals contact FRAP — frenetic random activity duration — or “canine crazies,” as Jennifer Coates, DVM, pdescribes contact it.

“Throughout an episode of the canine crazies, a dog may race via the house, run around the yard, spin in circles, lie dvery own and wiggle on his back… simply around any type of exuberant, goofy actions qualifies,” Coates says on PetMD. “No one is exactly sure why dogs behave actually in this way, but they are probably simply blowing off heavy steam.”

In a wolf load, a member rolling on his earlier is a submissive gesture, according to many kind of online sources. But I don’t see Oreo’s behavior as submissive, mostly bereason he’s thrashing around, twisting his body ago and also forth. Typically he rolls on his earlier when he’s specifically excited, for instance, once we’re around to go for a walk or once we’re playing with his favorite playthings, which points back to “canine crazies.”

But the other time Oreo rolls on his ago and also thrashes about is as soon as he’s on leash and I’ve stopped on the trail to observe a mushroom or take a photo of a bird. Often, he’ll roll over cshed to me, and when he thrashes, he kicks me through his legs, periodically knocking me off balance. In this case, the behavior appears to be attention seeking or also a authorize of impatience. And I only reinforce it by laughing at him.

So why go with all this trouble trying to understand my dog’s quirky behaviors?

I want to have the ability to interact with him, and also to do that, I have to understand also his body language. But a word of caution: there’s most opinions out there. Take every little thing with a grain of salt (including this blog post). Experienced trainers and vets admittedly are even more educated in their opinions, yet each dog and scenario is various. In the end, your dog should constantly have the last word — or wiggle.

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If you have questions about your dog’s strange actions, feel cost-free to begin a conversation in the comment section listed below.