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Hey! That’s Not Dominance!

I frequently obtain asked questions from dog guardians that are worried around their dog being leading (this happens even more regularly than I would prefer to mention). They are frequently genuinely concerned because they’ve either heard a T.V. personality or a frifinish say that if their dog does some habits that the dog is being dominant and also trying to take over the duty as “alpha”. Several of these may sound ridiculous, yet these are actual pertains to that have actually been carried to my attention.Help! My dog is being leading by leaning right into me and claiming my space! How deserve to I correct that?!If your dog is leaning right into you, take it as a compliment. He’s seeking out affection and seeking out attention. He is not trying to conquer you–though he is being a tiny forward in just how he is seeking your attention. It’s likewise most likely a matter of a actions that has been rewardedhistorically–he’s learned the leaning into you will get ear scratches, butt scratches, and general snuggles. If you have a huge dog and also a little body and also you don’t choose the lean, simply don’t reward it and also cue him to carry out somepoint else (favor a sit) so you can lavish him with cuddles for somepoint other than leaning.*When leaning, or variations of leaning, might become problematic is if the dog is pushing you ameans from points more than just leaning in. If you notice that eexceptionally time you try to sit on the couch your dog blocks your method and also pushes you out of the method, it might be even more alengthy the lines of resource guarding and also not an attention seeking actions.

Puppy Rio loved to sit on the couch behind my shoulders to look out the home window (he still does actually).

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My dog likes to sit on the earlier of the couch, is he trying to dominate me?Probably not. The back of the couch is a warm commodity in my residence (and a area the Rio has actually constantly preferred to sit–weird dog). Often, dogs choose to sit on the back of the couch to look out of home windows, to have the ability to protect against various other pets playing on the ground or a means to acquire cshed to their human if one more pet is occupying the cushion next to the perchild. They aren’t trying to be leading, they are even more likely trying to acquire a see out of a window or be cshed to their perkid.*This habits could be problematic if the dog is reresource guarding the perchild they are sitting behind or the couch itself.My dog likes to sit on my feet or put his head or paws n my lap if I’m sitting down or nudge my hands to get pet. I can’t have actually him trying to be the alpha, what can I do?All of these behaviors are attention seeking behaviors. Your dog likes you and desires to attempt and also be in the exact same room as you (which have the right to be annoying at times). They are seeking out your affection and also physically touching you–they aren’t trying to dominate you. If you like a small little bit of area and also would choose your dog not purposely sitting on your feet or placing their feet in your lap, teach them a “relocate over” cue or heavily reinpressure them for laying dvery own cshed to you yet not on you.*This habits can be concerning if it was paired with reresource guarding you from other pets or civilization or if it is a manifeterminal of separation anxiety.

CLEARLY my dogs are leading and I should carry out somepoint around it… or not