So my girlfriend's 6 month old German Shepard constantly picks up his stuffed animals (filled through slobber) and insists on biting them while he pushes them up right into our legs and also laps. While it's super annoying and gross, he additionally often tends to accidentally bite shins, knee caps, etc. They're not difficult bites however we're at our wits finish on exactly how to deal with this concern. Has anyone encountered this or knows of solutions? We've tried taking them away, self-control, rewarding great actions, etc, however it hasn't seem to have actually had actually any kind of result. Help!


Eextremely time he contacts you via teeth remove the toy and also ignore him for a minute. Then provide the toy back to permit him to try aobtain.

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The concern is he doesn't have good aim, however he can absolutely learn to aim if you encourage him that it's worth it.

This behavior, asking you to hold something so he can chew it, is a really good one - as a lot as it's gross and annoying. It indicates he trusts you, and also feels totally safe asking you to hold his the majority of practical possession (admittedly, for the majority of dogs the 'a lot of handy possession is whatever before they have best this second, lol).

Try playing through him. However, once he accidentally bites you make a noise and also pausage, to mark that he's hurt you, as soon as he pauses, also, play some even more. He's a puppy so it will take time for him to number out exactly how to communicate effectively (what human flesh have the right to handle), and also you just have to overview him. When my pups were acquiring to rowdy I would just stop play altogether and wait a while before founding play aacquire.

Anymeans, I additionally growl at my dogs and kiss their faces a bunch so I might have simply been lucky so far that I get the actions I desire through them.

You can attempt and exercise some obedience. Place the toy on the ground. Make the puppy wait (sit) don't let the puppy touch the toy till he is calm. Might take a minute or 15 either method wait till he is calm and also sitting for you. Reward the calm behavior by offering the toy to the dog. You have the right to also play a small. Every dog is different, this technique might not job-related yet through consistency he have to learn not to be pushy with his toys.

Thanks I appreciate it. We've tried the taking it ameans method however weren't rewarding him by offering it back. I've been doing it tonight and also he's been a lot better.

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