“Why does my dog bury his head in me?” If you’re asking yourself the same question, you’re not the just one.

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For many of us, a small nuzzle from our pooch is the distinction in between a great day and a poor day. When you come residence from a difficult day at the office, and your dog presses their forehead against you, it’s exceptional exactly how rapid your worries disappear.

But is it as normal as it seems? 

…Should we be engaging through the behavior, even encouraging it? 

…Or is it a difficulty that needs to be nipped in the bud? 

It’s tempting to think it’s all fine and dandy. After all, dogs are component of the family. And how else do household members display their affection other than through kisses and cuddling, hugs, and nuzzles?

When your dog rests their head on your shoulder, nuzzles your neck through their muzzle, or buries their head in your lap, it’s simply a sign that they love you, right?

Right… Except when it’s not. 

Like many points, the issue is a little more facility than it sometimes appears. In a lot of instances, your dog’s actions is exactly what you imagine… they’re ssuggest reflecting you simply just how much they treatment.

In various other situations, the reasons have the right to be very different…. and also fairly a little much less wholesome. 

Anxiety, supremacy, are afraid, and also condition have the right to all lead to a dog deciding to usage your body as a shelf for their head.

Unfortunately, the only way of finding out if that’s the instance is to take a deep dive right into your dog’s psychology. It’s not necessarily going to be straightforward. But the sooner you number out what’s driving your dog’s behavior, the sooner you’ll understand what occupational needs to be done to attend to it. 

Talking of what you have the right to carry out to resolve it…

Asides from reflecting affection, one of the main motivators for this kind of behavior is stress and anxiety. And if there’s one thing all anxious dogs will benefit from, it’s a tiny calm.

The 5 step-by-action calming exercises from the Online Dog Trainer, Dan Abdelnoor, (view video below) have been designed to aid any type of dog execute that one point that all dogs struggle through from time to time… 

…Control their eactivities.

Once you introduce the exercises right into your program, you should shortly notice a dramatic innovation in your dog’s regulate and also emphasis.

Here’s the link to check them out: 5 Step-By-Tip Calming Exercises To Quickly Eliminate Your Dogs Anxiety, Stress, & Obsessive Needy Behavior…

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Wrapping Things Up

Of all the possible problems you could have actually through a dog, a tiny nuzzling can not seem a large deal. And in the majority of situations, it’s not.

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If it’s done in play, in love, or as a way of giving you some comfort, there’s no factor to concern. If, on the other hand, it’s done out of fear, anxiety, or dominance, take it as a speak to to action. 

In these instances, the nuzzling might be a symptom of a broader problem – a difficulty that, left unchecked, might cause even more worries dvery own the line. 

Fortunately, exceptionally few problems are insurmountable. And once you understand what’s driving the habits, you can begin supporting your dog to conquer it.