Doesn’t matter if they finish up on our lap, at our feet, or on our head or chest – dogs like to be close to us for many type of factors.

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Even if there’s a perfectly comfortable empty spot on the couch or a cozy dog bed simply for them, these furry creatures will certainly regularly opt to sit best on height of their owners rather.

While the majority of of us love this actions, as snuggling together is among the huge benefits of being a pet owner, if your pup is too big or rowdy, or seems to be acting as well clingy, you might want to train him not to sit on you.

In this post, I’ll define why your dog is sitting on you, and once it’s cause for concern.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Sit on You

1. Attention

Your dog will certainly come sit on you, perhaps bringing a toy or showing his belly, when he desires some playtime and also attention.

Dogs are social pets and require displays of love from their owners. Obviously, they aren’t humale and can’t verbally ask for affection, so this is their way of requesting it.

As long as your pup isn’t being as well aggressive (favor snapping at you or barking loudly), this is perfectly normal.

However before, if he’s doing this commonly or whining, it may expect you need to spfinish more time through your pooch, giving him some belly rubs or playing tug-of-war. This will certainly make him happy, and you’ll more than likely enjoy it as well.

2. Breed Behavior

It renders perfect feeling for smaller dog breeds to desire to sit on you. Breeds favor the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, or Maltese are called “lap dogs” for a factor, they fit appropriate in your lap!

This is a heat, smelly, and snuggly spot for them to feel safe and loved. It also offers them added height, which can make them feel even more secure as well, especially if various other dogs or small kids are roughly and also they feel intimidated or insecure.

Sometimes bigger dog breeds seem to think they’re tiny lap dogs, though. Great Danes and English Mastiffs, for example, are well-known to try to sit in their owners’ laps, despite their huge dimension.

These breeds are well-known as gentle giants, and also are only trying to show affection the same way a much smaller dog would.

If it doesn’t bother you, let your dog sit in your lap. If he’s also substantial or you just don’t desire your dog sitting on you, train him to be okay through sitting surrounding.

3. Scent

Dogs favor to sit on you to spread their scent, which is a way of marking their region and also reflecting their ownership of you. This doesn’t expect your dog is trying to conquer you so much as warning others that you’re taken!

Considering the other ways dogs prefer to note their region, prefer urinating, sitting on you is a fairly harmless way.

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Dogs may rise this habits if tright here are other pets or children roughly, or if you’ve just went back from somewright here via the scent of various other animals on you.