I have owned cats for over 60 years. Between them and their vets, I have actually learned an excellent deal about just how they tick.

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If you've ever wondered what your cat can be trying to interact to you with their behaviors, body language, and also sounds, then this article will certainly help you discover some answers.

Marko Blažević, CC0-BY, using Unsplash

What Is My Cat Trying to Say?

Your cat speaks to you in so many various means that periodically, it’s difficult to know what they are saying. To recognize where your cat is coming from, the initially thing you have to understand is that your cat considers you to be their human, belonging to them in eexceptionally respect—and all of their actions are based on that truth. So when your cat does somepoint that angers you, keep in mind that they may be trying to tell you somepoint.

This article will certainly break down a entirety bunch of frequently asked questions relating to why cats carry out what they execute, what their body language indicates, and what they can be trying to connect to you as soon as they sheight. Read on to ultimately number out what your trusted feline frifinish can be trying to say to you.


What Is Regular Cat Behavior?

Here are a handful of common inquiries relating to cats and also their often puzzling behaviors, in addition to some answers that must help burned some light why they do what they do:

Why is my cat peeing or pooping in the house?

Overly full litter boxes can make your cat upcollection enough to leave smelly presents on your pillow or favorite chair as a hint—interpretation it has been too lengthy between cleanings and you should action approximately the plate. Cats favor themselves and also their setting to be clean. That’s why they are always cleaning themselves. Imagine just how you would feel if you were a perfectionist around cleaning and had actually to walk over your own waste in order to relieve yourself. "Yuck" is putting it mildly.

Why does my cat clean itself best after I've pet it or picked it up?

If your cat cleans itself right after you pet it or pick it up, it can be because of a couple of factors. They can be annoyed that you touched them, for whatever before reason, and also they are cleaning off the scent—in most instances, that is an insult to you.

It is additionally possible that you have a scent on you that they do not prefer. The scent could be perfume, lotion, or even another cat you might have petted. Be aware that solid smells of perfumed items can actually anger a cat. If they ingest many it, it might also make them sick. So if you have actually cats, save your arsenal of perfumed items for those one-of-a-kind nights and also be sure to wash them off prior to cuddling Fluffy.

Why does my cat reach a paw out to me?

Your cat can reach for you with a paw, cregulations in or out, to suggest a desire for attention. Or, maybe, they can deliberately lie down in your way for attention. They might sit on something they know is off-limits to obtain your attention. Cats like their attention, however they additionally like their playthings. If you don't offer them several, they can use you or your things instead.

Why has my cat's behavior suddenly adjusted after many type of years?

As cats acquire older, sometimes their characters readjust. Some cats that start out rambunctious and primarily averse to snuggling ultimately soften up over the years and turn into super cuddly lap pets that want to be about you all the moment. These kinds of progressive changes are totally organic and not all that various from the sorts of changes that human beings suffer throughout their resides.

If such a shift happens incredibly unexpectedly and also in a reasonably unmeant means, but, that might point to a deeper problem with your feline frifinish. For circumstances, if they are primarily an independent kind of cat but then out of nowhere desire to be by your side at all times, that can show that they are sick and fearful of being left alone in their weakened state. If you alert a readjust that appears curiously abrupt and bizarre, it's finest to take them into the vet for a check-as much as watch if anypoint is wrong.

Sudden Changes May Indicate Something's Wrong

If you alert that your cat is suddenly behaving actually suspiciously out of character and acting strange, you might want to have them watched by a vet. Gradual changes are entirely normal, but drastic shifts in behavior or personality can periodically allude to bigger troubles.

Why is my cat extfinishing its claws?

A cat will certainly extfinish its cregulations for many type of various points, such as to kneed. (When they are content, they might put their paws out, claws extended, and then pull them in rhythmically, which is just how they acquire their mother’s milk to circulation.)

A cat can also extend its claws in anger or are afraid. Claws are additionally extended for cleaning functions or scratching, which can suppose numerous points, such as ownership, sharpening cregulations for a fight, or prominence. Clegislations have the right to be rerelocated, however please try to refrain from doing this. Instead, you can erected a weekly program of trimming their clegislations, and offer them plenty of points to scratch.

Why does my cat rub up versus me?

Cats will touch you and your things, pee on you or your points (otherwise known as marking), or rub versus you or somepoint you own in order to let various other cats in the area know that you are theirs. Yup, as soon as they lovingly rub their face against your confront, they are leaving their scent everywhere you. Cats will certainly primarily note a brand-new residence to override the scent of an additional cat. Fixed cats might also note if the scent is solid or reeks of a complete male. Those cat nostrils are so solid that they have the right to pick up a scent from miles away—just favor a hound dog, only through less noise.

You also assume a comparable answer to the associated question of: "Why does my cat put its paw on me?" That is, it's generally just an additional means of connecting affection. While it isn't constantly that basic, as soon as your cat does this, it is even more regularly than not displaying its level of comfortcapability through you.

Cat Behavior Explained


Pees or poops in your residence (despite being litter trained)

Its litter may be full, and it wants you to clean it. Also done to note its region and also interact ownership to various other cats.

Cleans itself after you pet it

You might have a scent on you (perfumes/other cats) that it wants to remove from its body.

Lies down on your stuff while you're trying to perform something

It desires attention and also is exhausted of being ignored.

Exhas a tendency its claws

It could simply be for kneading. It might additionally be out of fear or anger. Or a more valuable reason prefer for scratching or cleaning.

Rubs up against you

It's rubbing its scent on you and noting you as its own. Also periodically done to demand attention.

Brings you dead animals

Done as a gift to you, since it sees itself as your owner. Also done to display screen stamina and searching prowess.

Looks at you prior to it goes to sleep

Checking to make sure you're looking out for it, as it will certainly shortly be delicate and seeks your security while sleeping.

Why does my cat carry me dead animals?

Cats, remember, think that they very own you. And to perform a correct task, they need to feed you. That is why exterior cats will certainly frequently kill an pet and also leave it as a gift on your home window or doorstep. As horrid as this might seem to you, it is perfectly herbal for your cat.

Another factor for leaving little bit "gifts" is to show you that they are solid and also capable. I have viewed cats leave snakes, rats, and also squirrels as presents. Oh, and simply so you recognize, if you throw the gift away, your cat may be hurt by your actions. If you must—and also the majority of of us do—area it in numerous bags and then bury it in the trash can.

Why does my cat look at me a bunch of times before it goes to sleep?

Your cat is a lot of most likely checking to make certain you're still there. It's trying to indicate to you that it's around to sleep and hence will certainly be fragile to attack. It wants to make certain you recognize to defend it and store an eye out for any predators.


When a cat walks through their tail straight up, it indicates that they are relaxed, confident, and also desire to be noticed.

Alessandro Valli, CC0-BY-SA, via Flickr

How Do You Tell If a Cat Likes You?

Here's some helpful information to help describe what some of your cat's body language could indicate:

What perform my cat's tail activities mean?

When a cat walks with their tail right up, it means that they are serene, confident, and desire to be noticed. If you don’t notice rapid enough, they might acquire straight underfoot and also swirl from one leg to the various other. Of course, it is worse if you have actually somepoint they want, favor canned food or milk. They will certainly begin to yell if you aren't forthcoming or rapid enough for them.

When a cat walks with their tail between their legs, it is a authorize that they are afrhelp of something or could be submitting to an extra leading cat or humale. They could additionally roll over and also offer their belly to a dominant cat to present that they are not conexperimentation the supremacy. If a cat supplies their belly to you, they are informing you that they submit to your dominance. But don’t let that fool you, because they still think they own you.

If a cat walks with its tail dvery own and also dragging, it is trying to be surprise or unnoticed. If that behavior lasts for longer than a day, you could desire to take the cat to the vet for a little bit of a check-up. A cat could also lay its tail on somepoint mirroring possession, or flick its tail at something that angers it. They regularly flick their tail to warn you that you are obtaining on their nerves, and you probably need to stop—or the cregulations will come out.

A cat that is upset will not just hiss, yet their tail will certainly come to be the best bristled bottle brush you have actually ever checked out. Be wary and also don't attempt to comfort your cat as soon as they are upcollection. An upcollection cat doesn't recognize the distinction and also might bite or scratch you in "defense."

Cat Tail Movements Explained

Tail PositionMeaning

Tail right up

Relaxed, confident, trying to find attention.

Tail between its legs

Afraid, mindful, submissive.

Tail down and also dragging

Trying to be concealed and also unnoticed. (Could indicate pain or various other discomfort. See a vet if this persists.)

Tail bristled and also flicking

Upset, aggressive, and also perhaps around to strike.

What execute my cat's ear activities mean?

When a cat lays earlier its ears, it generally means that it's upcollection and can assault. When they cock one ear to the side, it’s choose someone raising an eyebrow or looking at you favor you have actually 3 heads. When they carry both ears difficult forward, they are trying to hear what is being shelp to them or possibly trying to make out a far-off sound (or an additional cat in the area).

But if your cat's ears are forward however peaceful, then it is at ease, potentially mindful of its surroundings however not necessarily on alert or scared.

What execute my cat's eye movements mean?

You have the right to actually tell a good amount around just how your cat is feeling by watching their eyes. If their eyes are bacount open or totally closed, they are relaxed and also either preparing to sleep or simply enjoying your company and a good lounge. In reality, that acquainted sight of seeing your cat look at you and also progressively blink its eyes is a clear authorize of affection and regularly described as "kitty kisses."

If their eyes are narrowed however not in a lazy method, they are a lot of likely alert and focused. They might also be scared or aggressive. So look out for various other body language hints to assist further indicate how they're feeling.

But if their eyes are totally open and wide, they are almost definitely on high alert and perhaps trying to discover out if they are in peril. Similarly, wide pupils have the right to also indicate high interemainder and focus or excitement, potentially pointing to them being fearful or aggressive. Look for other hints to aid decipher what they're thinking.


Did you recognize that when your cat meows at you, it is really just calling your attention to something?


What Is My Cat Trying to Tell Me?

Here are a couple of explanations for some of the sounds your cat might make for you and what they might be trying to tell you:

Why does my cat meow at me?

Did you recognize that as soon as your cat meows at you, it is really just calling your attention to something? Perhaps you forgot breakrapid or the litter box is full. Or they might just be calling an additional cat to play. Though since cats seldom meow at various other cats, if you hear yours making unique meows in your basic direction, those sounds are most likely intended for your ears.

They could meow to go out or to come in. They might meow to tell you that you require a lap cat now, or they could be thinking that you have been working too difficult and require a break. (Cats have actually a means of insinuating themselves in such a way as to coax you into believing that you actually came up through a specific concept.)

Note: If your cat is meowing at you more than usual (and also possibly in a slightly louder or even more aggressive tone), it's an excellent idea to follow them and also check out if they lead you somewhere. This recurring meowing have the right to help them let you know that they require more food, that the litter is complete and also requirements to be cleaned, or occasionally also more drastic matters, such as the fact that maybe they simply had kit10s and want you to aid safeguard them.

Cat Verbal Communication Explained

Verbal QueueMeaning


Typically done to communicate it wants you to notice something, such as an empty food bowl, a full litter, or something it desires you to check out (in which situation, you need to try adhering to it).


An involuntary response that suggests comfort and also affection. A excellent sign that it's pleased with whatever you're doing.


Indicates are afraid or aggression. You need to more than likely take a step back as soon as they carry out this.

Why does my cat purr at me?

When cats are happy via you, they purr as soon as you pet them or cuddle them. A cat's purr is involuntary. They hear their mommy purring once she is feeding and cleaning them and also shortly include their very own voice once they are happy or content.

Oh, and also don't acquire upset if your cat is purring yet also at the same time trying to gain amethod from you. Usually, it indicates that they prefer you and want to be petted, yet they were busy and you interrupted them.

Note: If you desire to interact earlier to your cat that you love them, then petting them on the head or on the cheeks is a good means to carry out so. Similarly, when a cat touches the top of their head to you, they are saying they love and also trust you.

Why does my cat hiss at me?

Naturally, hissing suggests fear or aggression. The cat is essentially demanding that you ago away and leave it alone. Even cats that deeply love you can execute this from time to time, periodically just because they want some area to themselves for a while. Or possibly you pet them in a spot where they're sore and they desire you to sheight doing so.

Unsurprisingly, hissing is such a clear message that it actually functions both methods. So if you desire your cat to stop doing something—prefer biting you too difficult, for instance—you have the right to hiss at them a tiny. They'll a lot of likely obtain the message.


When a cat transforms its back on you and also flicks its tail, watch out!

darkmoon1968, CC0-BY-SA, using Pixabay

Does Your Cat Feel Insulted?

When a cat transforms its earlier on you and flicks its tail, watch out! It's ticked off and also all set to fight if you persist in whatever before it is you’re doing. Under the majority of instances, they will walk away feeling their message has actually been taken. However before, they might just decide that this is the last straw and also decide to fight back.

What's the best method to finish an agitated cat attack? Stop and also cry out—loudly. In cat language, an strike between two mainly friendly participants ends automatically after one of them cries out in pain. Also, by holding still until they let go, you are saving yourself lengthy deep cuts that might take place with pulling ameans from them.

It's also worth noting that a cat can feel insulted for many kind of different factors, including:

You took their chair.You are sitting on their blanket.You splaburned them while washing your hands.You have actually bought the generic food aobtain.You offered them a bath.You took them to the vet.You left them with a bunch of youngsters.You didn't gain the great litter.You forgot to greet them once you came in the residence.You didn't go in search of them if they weren't at the door waiting for you.You didn't readjust the water now.You put glassware on their favorite shelf, and it fell off when they tried to lie dvery own.You had the nerve to carry in fish and also then hide it behind a solid wall.

Note: Cats deserve to additionally be insulted even if you didn't do anything that you have the right to understand. They are rather fickle that way.

Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick

In general, your cats' behaviors—as puzzling as they can periodically be to you—are frequently simply part of who they are and also exactly how they express themselves, and also therefore shouldn't be cause of as well much concern on your component. There are, however, a few indicators that could point to your poor feline possibly feeling a little under the weather and/or in require of some clinical attention.

Here are some necessary indications to watch out for:

Excessive licking, chewing, or scratching: Of course, these are all part of normal cat habits and also instrumental parts of their entirely healthy self-maintenance. But if you notice that your cat has been doing one or even more of these at an alarmingly higher rate than usual, it can intend that they are enduring from ticks, frents, or parasites. So it would certainly be a great idea to examine to view if you have the right to spot any type of of them in your feline's hair. Additionally, if you alert any kind of significant hair loss or breaking of the skin, have actually them get watched by a vet.Vomiting or diarrhea: This is another one that does unfortunately take place periodically and also isn't constantly a reason for issue. But if your cat starts doing it a lot in a brief amount of time, it could intend that they've ingested something toxic or are suffering various other digestion troubles. If it lasts for even more than a day—or if abdominal swelling and pain are apparent—take them in to see a vet best ameans.Different, strong odors: If you notice any type of brand-new, pungent odors coming from your cat, it could be a good principle to take them in to obtain watched. Often times, stvariety new smells indicate infections, ulcers, and various other ailments that must be treated as quickly as feasible. Even odors that aren't necessarily "bad"—such as a sweet, fruity smell—can sometimes be warning signs of serious illnesses favor diabetes. So if you notice any kind of weird new smells coming from your cat that you can't determine, it's most likely finest to have a veterinary professional take a look.Cat flu: Much prefer human beings, cats deserve to sometimes contract a kind of that pesky flu virus. This generally results familiar flu symptoms choose watery eyes, a runny nose, and profusage sneezing. If you notification these symptoms, you can attempt to help your cat feel much better by cleaning the mucus off their eyes and also nose with a cotton sphere or damp washcloth, making certain they eat enough food, and also repetitively checking to ensure that they are breapoint commonly. If you discover the latter to be strained and/or they don't seem to be getting better, take them in to a vet to be checked out.

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My Wonderful Furry Friends

Salty: "Hey, where'd you put my toys?"

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Dakota: "But my stocking is so much smaller sized than yours! *Sigh*"

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Mittens: "I recognize you are in tbelow, I can smell you!"

" data-full-src="https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg" data-image-id="ci026d9c3e500427e0" data-image-slug="what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you" data-public-id="MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy" data-source-name="Cheryl Simonds" data-srcset="https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 320w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 700w, https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_960/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 960w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_1024/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 1024w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzMzY4MDMy/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg">

Shadow: "How come I have the right to watch them, but I can't touch them?"

" data-full-src="https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg" data-image-id="ci026d9c3e500327e0" data-image-slug="what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you" data-public-id="MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4" data-source-name="Cheryl Simonds" data-srcset="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 320w, https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 700w, https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_960/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 960w, https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_1024/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 1024w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNDMzNTY4/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg">

Tigger: "Did you desire me for something?"

" data-full-src="https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg" data-image-id="ci026d9c3e500027e0" data-image-slug="what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you" data-public-id="MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw" data-source-name="Cheryl Simonds" data-srcset="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 320w, https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 700w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_960/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 960w, https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_1024/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 1024w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNTY0NjQw/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg">

Cocoa: "It is time to soptimal all this work stuff."

" data-full-src="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg" data-image-id="ci026d9c3e500527e0" data-image-slug="what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you" data-public-id="MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2" data-source-name="Cheryl Simonds" data-srcset="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 320w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 700w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_960/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 960w, https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_1024/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 1024w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEyOTc0ODE2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg">

Louie, age 15, still living it up.

" data-full-src="https://imeras.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg" data-image-id="ci026d9c3e600027e0" data-image-slug="what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you" data-public-id="MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2" data-source-name="Cheryl Simonds" data-srcset="https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 320w, https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 700w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_960/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 960w, https://imperiods.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_1024/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg 1024w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc0OTY3NzUxNzEzNjMwMTc2/what-is-your-cat-really-trying-to-tell-you.jpg">