Life with cats is complete of surprises, mysteries, and also habits that are just plain weird.

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Case in point: as soon as your cat plops down in front of a wall and, via his confront simply an inch or two amethod, meows at it.

And this isn’t a one-time incident, either. Your cat have the right to easily spend an hour or more simply sitting there, staring at the wall and also talking to it favor it’s an old friend.

What’s the attend to this bizarre behavior? Is your cat perceiving somepoint you’re not, or is this just one of those inexplicable cat hobbies?

Let’s uncover out the fact around cats and also walls — as soon as and for all!

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One Possibility: You’ve Got Pests
How to Stop Your Cat from Meowing at Pests in the Walls
Set Traps to Capture Pests
What About the Ceiling?
Another Explanation: Walls Stimulate the Senses
Forget TV, I’ll Watch the Wall surface
Altered Acoustics
How to Make Your Cat Soptimal Meowing at the Wall surface for Fun

One Possibility: You’ve Got Pests


How to Make Your Cat Speak Meowing at the Wall for Fun

If meowing at the wall seems to be a hobby for your cat, you can gain him to sheight by redirecting his attention to something a small less annoying. The trick is to make sure that it fulfills the exact same requirements that wall-meowing does.

In various other words, you’re trying to find something that’s visually interesting and aurally captivating.

The great old laser guideline is a classic feline favorite, but it’s been updated for the modern-day age. Automated laser pointers execute the pointing for you, keeping your cat populated and your hands-cost-free.

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And you deserve to please his ears via new sounds from timeless toys, like a toy computer mouse that makes squeaking noises or a catnip-stuffed bird that squawks choose a real parrot.