Some cats have a curious halittle of licking themselves once they receive pets and also gentle scratches, while others will certainly attempt to lick the air. A tiny percentage of felines will even bite or scratch the people petting them.

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Cats Who Love to Get Pets

Although it’s challenging to pinallude precisely what a cat may be reasoning and also feeling as she licks herself, it’s necessary to note that not all felines experience the exact same sensation once they receive pets and also scratches. Some genuinely seem to gain the attention, while others more than likely feel some measure of discomfort.

When you scrape a dog behind his ear, he may often respond to the pleasurable feeling by jiggling his hind limb in a self-scratching gesture. It"s practically as if you’re attfinishing to an itch that he"d forobtained to scratch.

Feline self-licking or air licking is thought to be the same kind of reaction, especially among cats who experience from skin-related allergies, outside parasite infestations or other itchy problems.

Cats Who Can Do Without Getting Pets

A portion of cats may also be responding to pets and also scratches by licking or biting themselves (and periodically also the huguy carrying the pets) bereason they uncover the stimulus uncomfortable or annoying.

It’s thought that cats that endure from feline hyperesthesia syndrome, a disease in which the skin becomes incredibly sensitive to the touch, might be reacting in this means out of pain or uncomfortable hypersensitivity.

To be safe, cat owners must consult their veterinarians if their cats react to being pet and scratched by exhibiting any unusual licking, biting or scratching.


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