When you charge your phone, it is expected to increase the battery portion. If you uncover it is reducing rather, then you can be asking:why is my phone battery decreasing as soon as charging? This is an extremely frustrating trouble to suffer in a phone, and some human being discover themselves tempted to smash the phone.

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There are numerous possible reasons why this can be happening. Typically, it implies that your phone is detecting a cable plugged in however no power is being sent out to the phone battery. Or, probably the phone battery is rejecting the battery charge. The factors can variety almost everywhere from a charger difficulty, to a charging port difficulty or also a poor phone.


Below board / Charging port damage

The many major reason why your battery runs down while charging can be that the sub-board is poor. The charging port is associated to the sub-board, so charging issues prefer overcharging, overheating, voltage fluctuation can reason damage to the sub-board.

A negative subboard (charging port) can likewise periodically result from liquid damage particularly once the liquid gets under the LCD display screen. If this is the factor your phone battery is decreasing while charging, the best thing to perform is take it to a mobile phone technician for repair.

Depending on the reason of the damage, it might be repaired or completely reinserted. The sub-board can be expensive to replace if the phone is no much longer extended by warranty or any insurance product, yet it is necessary that you are replacing it via a real product.

Phone is overheating

If your phone is already overheating, you might find the battery decreasing while you are charging it. An overheated gadget cannot accept much battery charge, and also the phone might finish up not charging at all or the battery will be reduced rather.

Turn off the phone initially, and let it cool down prior to you start charging it. This need to fix it, if it is an overheating difficulty.

It have the right to be led to by poor charger / cable

Sometimes, making use of the wrong charger and also cable deserve to be responsible for your phone battery decreasing while you are charging it. Typically, this have to sheight once you revert to the recommended cable and charger. You deserve to inspect to confirm if you are making use of the recommended charger from the manufacturer.

Maybe you went on a pilgrimage and had actually to use a random charger to power your device. If you perform this on a regular basis, it have the right to reason the phone battery to be decreasing as soon as you are charging it. If the charger is developing more power than the battery demands, it is negative for your phone.

As a preventive measure, ensure that you only usage recommfinished chargers for your Android phone. If you have to usage any various other charger, encertain that they have actually the same capacity. There is a reason why the manufacturer recommends a certain charger for eextremely device. A charger/adapter through a greater voltage have the right to damage it, and also so have the right to a charger through lower voltage.

Wall outlet is bad

This option is not a very prevalent factor why the phone battery is decreasing while charging. But, it should be the first thing that comes to mind. It is rather simple to test for this. All you require do is to plug the charger into a various wall socket and also view if the battery starts raising. If it functions, you are excellent to go. But if not, you have the right to inspect various other choices to discover out what is wrong.

Using a computer system USB port

Computer USB ports commonly carry out not produce enough charge to complement the needs of the phone battery. If you are charging from a USB port and also likewise operating some battery draining applications prefer games and Google sync, then you might experience your battery decreasing while you are charging.

To deal with this, charge the phone from a normal socket or outlet. Also, try to rotate off all applications while it is charging and also watch if the battery percentage starts increasing. If this does not solve it, then some various other reasons could be responsible.

An application is draining your battery

Sometimes, you can be operating your phone and also some solutions will rotate off because of low power. Normally, these applications and also services turn themselves on as soon as the phone is associated to power. When this happens, it have the right to cause your battery to decrease while charging it. Also points favor sync or software program downpack and updates which were paprovided due to low battery, deserve to begin running when tbelow is power.

If this is the reason, your battery have to begin increasing as quickly as these applications are turned off, or as shortly as they finish updating. Try to rotate off the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and 4G services as well. If these do not occupational, revolve off the phone entirely and check out if the battery starts increasing.

What to execute to solve phone battery decreasing once charging?

Aside from trying different charger cables, adapters and sockets, tright here are hardly any kind of DIY actions you can take to settle this trouble by yourself at residence. Due to the fact that you are not a phone repair expert, it is advisable to take the phone to a professional phone repair shop.

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Tright here are measures to maximize your phone battery life. Try to implement such actions periodically to rise your phone battery life. Once in a month, you have the right to let your phone run dvery own entirely, then switch it off and also charge it up totally. Adopt various other finest practices as soon as charging your phone. Keep your phone away from overheating and also try to keep the battery over 50% as a lot as feasible.