Kodi not working? Are you having trouble installing or launching the app? Or possibly Kodi buffers video papers for also long? No matter what type of a technological issue you’re seeing, you’ve pertained to the best place!

First of all, you should understand that our editorial team has been making use of Kodi for several years currently, on a everyday basis. Considering that we prefer to dive deep right into this application and also test its boundaries, we’ve encountered a fair share of problems.

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In various other words, you have the right to be sure that we understand exactly how to deal with troubles with Kodi. So, let’s start talking around what to carry out when Kodi isn’t working. We’ll go through a lot, as you have the right to watch from the adhering to table of contents.

Without any type of further acarry out, let’s jump to what truly want to understand. Here’s how to settle as soon as Kodi is not functioning – along with a affluent collection of feasible options.

1. Kodi Fails to Start (Crashes on Startup)

We’ve all set two remedies to this trouble, which luckily doesn’t occur as well frequently. Here’s what to carry out once Kodi crashes on startup and refuses to launch.

Fix #1: Download the Latest Visual C++ Redistributable

If you’ve bought a new Windows PC newly, or if you’ve recently set up a fresh copy of Windows, Kodi deserve to periodically fail to launch.

The application crashes on startup, without mirroring you an exact error message. So, here’s a straightforward deal with for this trouble.

In many cases, installing the latest Visual C++ redistributable resolves this worry. It’s amazing to note that Kodi should inspect for any absent files on your device throughout the installation – however this doesn’t constantly occur.

So, go to Microsoft’s webwebsite and also download the latest upday from tbelow.

Fix #2: Upday Kodi to The Latest Available Version

With each brand-new update, Kodi receives plenty of bug fixes, definition there’s always a possibility that the bug you’re encountering has actually been solved in the meantime.

You must recognize that Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ is now accessible for download (in enhancement, Kodi 19.1 has actually been released also, resolving a number of bugs). However before, if you arrangement on updating your Kodi, recognize that the latest variation of this application breaks compatibility via a large number of addons. That means that you’ll have to wait for third-party developers to make their addons compatible via Kodi 19, which can take some time.

So, if you plan on making use of plenty of addons, we recommfinish using Kodi 18.9 for currently. That’s bereason downgrading from Kodi 19 to Kodi 18 deserve to be an extremely tricky task to attain, and even impossible in many instances.

Recommended’ tab and downpack Kodi’s installation file. In some instances, if you fail to resolve the problem, you deserve to try by means of the ‘Pre Release’ tab, where you deserve to download a beta Kodi variation. Now, reinstall Kodi on your device. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t remove the existing Kodi installation if you want to keep your media library undamaged. Simply reinstall Kodi, and it will certainly automatically patch any kind of applicable files.

Updating Kodi requires you to reinstall the application. It indicates that you must repeat the very same steps you took as soon as installing the application. To see our thorough installation guides for all kinds of platcreates, we have actually a devoted post on just how to update Kodi.

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2. Kodi Is Freezing, Pamaking use of, or Crashing Frequently

Tbelow are numerous possible reasons why Kodi could be misbehaving actually. So, here’s what to perform when Kodi falls short – by freezing as soon as introduced or if the application crashes.

Fix #1: Clear Kodi’s Cache Files

Kodi’s cached information have the right to include everything from records, scripts, imeras, approximately other media stored on your tool. These are commonly the papers you accessibility fairly frequently, which helps the application enhance its performance. However, if there’s a difficulty through the cache, this will certainly pressure Kodi to crash.

What you have to carry out in this instance is to clear Kodi’s cache papers. Click on the provided connect to learn how that’s done by utilizing a third-party addon called Indigo.

Indigo is a hugely effective maintenance addon that has actually the potential to settle numerous worries, and we extremely recommend using it.

Fix #2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

This difficulty is even more current on Android devices, which is why we recommend you disable hardware acceleration if you have actually any type of Android-based gadget, consisting of a range of TV set-top boxes.

So, make sure to go via the complying with procedures.

Launch Kodi on your tool. Go to Settings by clicking the cogwheel-shaped symbol (top-left corner). Click on the ‘Player’ button on the left side of the display screen. If you have an older Kodi version, this alternative need to be named ‘Player Settings.’ Click on the equipment icon (bottom-left corner) until it claims ‘Expert.’ On the right side of the display, you’ll see an alternative that says: ‘Allow Hardware Acceleration.’ Make certain to disable hardware acceleration by clicking on the ON/OFF switch on the ideal. To use this readjust, you’ll need to restart Kodi.

Fix #3: Reset Kodi to Factory Settings

Restoring Kodi to manufacturing facility settings is done using an addon called Indigo. This is a maintenance addon that you can use to solve all kinds of Kodi-connected problems.

Keep in mind that reestablishing Kodi to its factory settings will certainly delete any practice content you have actually – consisting of videos, photos, and also music. In various other words, you will need to import your media library when aobtain.

Here’s exactly how to recollection Kodi to its factory settings by using Indigo:

First, make sure to install Indigo. You deserve to examine how that’s done by clicking the attach we’ve offered over. On the residence display screen, you’ll view an choice named ‘Factory Restore.’ Click on it. You’ll be asked whether you want to perdevelop this procedure, so go ahead through ‘Yes.’ Once everything’s done, rebegin Kodi and also import your media library when aget.

Fix #4: Upday the ‘URL Resolver’ Addon

In many kind of instances, faulty add-ons reason Kodi to not occupational correctly. We suggest you disconnect from the Net first. Then, open up Kodi and also delete any kind of newly installed addons.

You have the right to also try to update Internet scrapers (while being digital, of course), and here’s exactly how that is done:

Launch Kodi and go to Setups. Then, click on the ‘System’ button. Scroll down to the ‘Add-ons’ tab and click on ‘Manage Dependencies.’ You will certainly watch an entry named ‘URL Resolver.’ Select it and also then choose ‘Update.’ Make certain to restart Kodi.

This solution frequently applies to Kodi customers who depend on unofficial (third-party) addons. Many of those depend on URL Resolver to scrape content from the Internet.

3. Kodi Shows the ‘Faicaused Install a Dependency’ Error

Kodi addons rely on various types of dependencies to job-related. For example, we have Net scrapers browsing the Internet for media streaming links. If the scraper doesn’t job-related, the addon won’t job-related either.

Now, let’s talk about just how to deal with this. You’ll find all you should know in our article on resolving Kodi’s dependency-related issues. More exactly, we’ve made a decision to show you the three most effective options to this error, so make certain to click the provided attach.

4. Kodi Shows the ‘Unable to Create Application’ Error

In some situations, updating your Kodi to the latest easily accessible version can cause particular problems when Kodi fails.

When it comes to other remedies to the ‘Unable to Create Application’ error, here’s what to perform if this is happening on a Windows COMPUTER.

My Computer on your COMPUTER. Now, make sure that you can view hidden papers. This is done (on Windows 10) by clicking the ‘View’ tab and also then choosing ‘Hidden Items.’ Now go to C: > Users > Your Username > App File > Roaming. Next off, go to Kodi > Userdata. This is wright here you’ll find a file named prodocuments.xml. Delete the file. Now, rebegin your PC and also launch Kodi. The application will certainly develop a new ‘propapers.xml’ file, and it must start effectively.

You deserve to likewise access the ‘propapers.xml’ using Kodi, by going to Settings > Data Manager > Profile Directory. Right-click on the file and delete it from there.

5. Kodi Fails to Connect to a Source

Every time you desire to add an outside source (as soon as trying to install an addon, for example), you will need to add a URL. If Kodi fails to open/uncover that URL, you will certainly watch an alert saying that it can’t attach to the source.

So, here’s what to fix this Kodi trouble.

First, make certain that you’ve entered the URL correctly. Check if the URL you’re trying to use starts through ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’ and check for any kind of uppercase or lowercase letters. If you’re 100% sure that you’ve gone into the URL appropriately, the repository can be offline. In that instance, try installing some other addon from a various source.

6. Kodi Addons Fail to Play (Stream) a Video

In instance you can’t access video streams after installing an addon, we indicate two options. First, upday your addon to the latest version. If that doesn’t assist, try using a VPN.

Fix #1: Update Your Kodi Addons

Keeping your Kodi addons updated is essential. This is also even more necessary for unsecure or newly released addons, which commonly need a couple of updates to get rid of worries. Taking a backup of your information will certainly aid you to reclaim it later on for normal functioning even If the brand-new variation of addons doesn’t allow you to fill Kodi correctly.

With that shelp, here’s exactly how to manually upday Kodi addons.

Open Kodi and navigate to the Add-ons area. Now go to Video Add-ons, wbelow you’ll discover the add-on you are in search of. Once you discover it, right-click its icon and pick ‘Information.’ Finally, click on the ‘Update’ button to manually inspect for a more recent version.

Don’t forget to remove any kind of add-ons you no much longer usage. In some cases, they deserve to reason particular technological difficulties through Kodi, especially if they obtain automatically updated. Here’s exactly how to uninstall Kodi addons or soptimal Kodi from auto-updating.

Fix #2: Use a VPN to Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

In many type of instances, fixes for Kodi-connected difficulties might be out of your reach. That’s because Kodi is frequently connected through piracy, which pressures specific ISPs (Net Service Providers) to block or throttle Kodi-connected web traffic.

This typically produces difficulties with buffering, which makes streaming video documents close to impossible.

The the majority of reliable method to deal with this issue is by using a VPN application. These are fairly technical yet easy-to-use solutions that encrypt your Internet website traffic.

By being encrypted, your web traffic can’t be throttled by anyone, including your ISP. And also, you’ll acquire to usage Kodi addons that are not obtainable in your country due to geo-restrictions.

In case you’ve never before supplied a VPN prior to, it’s advisable to learn around the basics of this form of software program. As such, review even more around VPN applications, and also then read around how VPN apps occupational. Once you’re prepared to make your pick and begin utilizing it, you’ll desire to examine our overview on how to install a VPN for Kodi.

Due to the fact that VPNs are subscription-based, you have to perform your study before deciding on which one to use. A good area to start is our thorough oversee of the ideal VPN for Kodi. That’s wbelow you’ll view that we strongly recommfinish subscribing to ExpressVPN – which is truly the ideal VPN appropriate currently, suitable for the majority of Kodi users.

7. Kodi Addons Fail to Rerevolve Any Search Results

Kodi won’t be able to search for files if the day and also time of the application/device aren’t collection effectively. This reasons concerns through individual addons, particularly those that list entries based on days.

As such, to settle this difficulty, you must examine your gadget. This have the right to be a computer, a media streaming device, or a TV set-top box. Double-inspect if the day and also time are set properly.

If you’ve just upgraded to a significant new Kodi variation, there might be a chance that you’re using not-yet-updated Kodi addons. It could take a couple of months till developers upday their addons and make them compatible with (major) new Kodi versions. Read this overview If you watch this error message “The Add-on Is Not Compatible With This Version of Kodi”.

8. Kodi Fails/Refuses to Uninstall an Addon

In some cases, Kodi will certainly existing a series of errors that prevent you from uninstalling individual addons. So, here’s what you must carry out.

Fix #1: Delete Kodi Addons – The Right Way!

At times, faulty add-ons deserve to force your Kodi to crash. When that happens, you have to rerelocate newly installed addons. Tbelow are different ways to carry out this, with the most basic one being from Kodi’s interchallenge.

For more indevelopment on how to perform this procedure properly, make sure to examine our post on exactly how to delete Kodi addons.

Fix #2: Delete Kodi’s ‘Addons27.db’ Database File

If you’re enduring difficulties regarded Kodi’s babsence display screen or blank screen concerns – you can solve these by deleting a paper called ‘Addons27.db.’ It’s also important to note that this issue typically happens as soon as updating Kodi to a significant brand-new version.

The solution is to delete a paper referred to as ‘Addons27.db,’ which has cached information around your installed addons. You won’t remove any kind of addons this means, as the file will be automatically created the next time you launch Kodi.

So, here’s how to discover and also delete this file.

Windows: Paste the following route to your Windows Explorer’s navigation path: %AppData%KodiuserdataDatabase. MacOS: Go to Users > Your Username > Library > Application Support > Kodi > Userinformation > Database. Linux: Go to ~ > Kodi > Userinformation > Database. Android: Navigate making use of a Documents Manager to Android > information > orgkodi > papers > kodi > userinformation > Database. iOS: Go to exclusive > var > mobile > Library > Preferrals > Kodi > Userdata > Database. OpenElec/LibreElec: Navigate to storage > kodi > userinformation > Database.

Once you open up the ‘Database’ folder, delete the ‘Addons27.db’ file. There’s no need to restart your device; just open up Kodi. The file will be developed from scratch, perhaps resolving Kodi-connected empty screen issues.

9. Kodi Repository Not Working

You should recognize that Kodi addons depend on remote servers. Even though they’re set up in your area, they require an Web connection to job-related. If something happens to those servers, the addon will certainly sheight functioning.

In general, Kodi addons can be fairly unreputable, particularly unofficial ones. They depfinish on their developers, that spfinish fairly a lot of time keeping their addons.

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So, as soon as you discover a non-functioning addon or repository, we indicate you ssuggest relocate to a brand-new one. Tbelow are hundreds of addons on the Web, and also we’re certain you’ll uncover an alternate.

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10. Kodi Video Files Take Too Long to Buffer

Here’s what to do if you’re enduring playback issues with your Kodi. We’ve ready several handy remedies for you.

Fix #1: Fine-Tune Kodi’s ‘AdvancedSettings’ File

Even though Kodi is a lightweight application, you can alfind more resources to help the application run even better.

This is done by means of an XML file that you should produce and place within your ‘User Data’ folder. We’ll tell you just how to create that file, wbelow to area it, and also just how to make Kodi even more powerful.

The initially action is to produce a brand-new file through the XML expansion that requirements to be placed in your User Documents folder.

Here’s how to find Kodi’s ‘User Data’ folder on different operating systems:

Windows: Open the Run command by pressing the Windows Key + R. Paste the following code: ‘%APPDATA%roamingkodiuserdata.’ Press Get in, and also you’ll see the corresponding catalog. You have the right to additionally use the offered navigation path by launching the Start food selection in Windows 10 and pasting it. Mac: Go to /Users//Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/. Linux: Navigate to ~/.kodi/userdata/. Android: Use a Documents Manager and go to this directory: Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/. iOS: Use a File Manager and open up the adhering to directory: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/.

Once you’ve uncovered the catalog, develop a brand-new file and also name it ‘advancedsettings.xml.’ This is done by developing a brand-new message file and also making sure you are making use of the XML expansion.

Using the photo placed above, you can watch the final look of the State-of-the-art Setups file. Please note that the blue-colored message should be put as you watch in the photo.

The white text presents variations you have the right to use, depending upon your device’s specifications. The green-colored text refers to explanations for what each of the easily accessible regulates can do.

To aid you understand what each of the regulates is supplied for, we’ll take a closer look at every one of them:

 is a setup that specifies the kinds of content that are enabled to be buffered. For example, you have the right to instruct Kodi just to buffer locally stored content or to buffer any type of kind of file. ‘0’ is provided to buffer all internet streams, ‘1’ is offered to buffer anything compatible with Kodi, while ‘2’ is supplied to buffer Internet-based filedevices.  is exactly how Kodi tries to review a video clip file. If you have a powerful processor, you deserve to take benefit of that. The default value is 4.0. You can double it if you have a CPU that is above mid-variety.

Once you’ve gone into the brand-new worths, conserve your file. Once again, make certain the file has the XML extension. That’s all you must recognize. Kodi will certainly carry out the remainder.

Make certain that every symbol is appropriately gone into. Take a close look at the image over and also ensure that eextremely command also has its start and also end. For example:  and .

You will certainly check out that eexceptionally command requirements to be closed for Kodi to identify this file. In case you mess somepoint up, you deserve to delete this file, and Kodi will go back to its original state.

Fix #2: Take Advantage of Real-Debrid

The fact is that Kodi’s add-ons act as repositories of web links to media records. For instance, as soon as you begin streaming a movie, it isn’t served from a particular addon’s server. Instead, that addon is making use of a connect discovered on the Net to aid you stream the content.

Real-Debrid solves this problem by letting you downfill and stream media records as fast as your Web connection permits. Even if a downfill gets interrupted, you deserve to resume downloading and install the file at a later time.

However, you have to understand what add-ons assistance this organization. So, examine our short article on exactly how to configure Real Debrid on Kodi.

11. Kodi Can’t Play 4K or HD Video Files

Playing 4K files needs you to have a qualified machine running Kodi. This is why we recommfinish you to check whether your device is capable of playing 4K papers.

You have to also recognize that Kodi comes preloaded on numerous custom-made Android TV boxes. We’re talking about Kodi boxes right here, which are generally fairly affordable.

In basic, every one of those can play HD documents (720p or 1080p). However before, you’ll watch that just a limited selection of Kodi boxes deserve to play/stream 4K titles.

12. Babsence Screen When Playing Videos in Kodi

We’ve got reports of Kodi customers enduring a babsence display once trying to play videos. Upon additionally examination, our team has uncovered three possible options to this trouble.

Interestingly enough, we already composed around those services – discovered in this short article. We initially recommend rerelocating the ‘Addons27’ file. Then, you have the right to clear Kodi’s cache. And ultimately, try updating Kodi to the latest variation.

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We’ve reached the end of our ‘Kodi Not Working’ overview, and also we hope you’ve controlled to discover a solution that functions in 2021. In situation you have actually any inquiries, don’t hesitate to post a comment below, and our editorial team will certainly respond as soon as feasible.