Why does itunes take so long to install

It has actually been acquiring worse over the previous months, especially because the Windows 2004 upday (May 2020). It opens fine, but it takes FOREVER to ultimately appear on the display. Have done all the possible things - uninstall, reinstall iTunes, iTunes for Outlook, iCloud, you name it.

High end PC - high speed internet link. No crashing of iTunes - simply an awful startup time.

Windows 10 will certainly just enable installation from the Microsoft Store, so not doing a straight download/install.

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iTunes version

I have yet to view a solution almost everywhere about this.

Can someone help?

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Windows, Windows 10

Posted on Jul 13, 2020 4:56 PM

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Jul 14, 2020 10:23 AM in response to Pvdublo7 In response to Pvdublo7

Pvdublo7 wrote:Windows 10 will certainly only enable installation from the Microsoft Store, so not doing a straight download/install.

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That's not the instance.

I provided the Looking for other versions? choice on the adhering to page; https://www.jiyuushikan.org.com/itunes/ to install the version straight from jiyuushikan.org. The link is in tiny lettering, down past the "obtain it from Microsoft" section.

However, there may be little suggest in uninstalling the Microsoft copy in favour of the jiyuushikan.org one, bereason in my experience, the problem is that iTunes is busy "making your purchases available". The telltale sign is the symbol in the height best of the iTunes window after iTunes opens:


I have been able (when or twice) to click on View/Show Activity Window while that is shown, only to gain this gem:


I have actually a total of fourteenager songs that I've "purchased" from the iTunes Store (elalso of them were unsolicited) and yet every time I start iTunes, I gain this nonfeeling, which have the right to freeze my iTunes for approximately two minutes. It happens on both my Windows 7 machine and my Windows 10 lapoptimal.

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I have the right to peril a guess regarding why this is happening, yet from a customer point of view, it's a clear faiattract to put the customer first: "iTunes is busy, so you (the customer) will simply have to wait". It's unbelievably irritating when I need to wait for iTunes once I need to inspect somepoint so that I deserve to respond to short articles below in this forum.