Why does itunes freeze when i connect my iphone

All Possible Solutions to Fix iTunes Keeps Freezing on Windows 10 Problem

"When I open iTunes on Windows 10, it freezes and also will not let me make any kind of selections. So, I have to close it through task manager." "When I plug in my iPhone, iTunes freezes immediately. What"s wrong? By the method, I use Windows 10." "Whenever before I try to sync through iPhone, iTunes freezes. Has anyone had this problem?"

Many kind of customers reported digital that iTunes can freeze on their Windows 10 computer system once they start up iTunes, affix iPhone or various other iOS tool, sync records, reclaim iPhone from iTunes backup, play ago media, etc. Really annoying, right? So, just how to fix this iTunes difficulty on Windows 10? Keep reading and also get answers.

By the method, we deserve to still transfer records between iDevice and Windows 10 without iTunes.

How to Troubleshoot iTunes Keeps Freezing on Windows 10?

Fix 1. Run iTunes on Windows 10 as an administrator Firstly, close your frozen iTunes. If it doesn"t respond after you click the close symbol, shut down it through job manager. If the totality PC freezes, force cshed it. Then, reboot computer, right-click iTunes symbol, and choose "Run as administrator".

Fix 2. Run iTunes in safe mode In this means, you have the right to isolate iTunes from any interference led to by third-party plug-ins. To begin iTunes in safe mode, host dvery own the Shift and also Ctrl keys on your key-board once opening iTunes. Then, you need to view a message "iTunes is running in Safe Mode. Visual plug-ins you have installed have been temporarily disabled." If iTunes no longer freezes on Windows 10 after running in safe mode, the culprit need to be third-party plug-ins and also you"d much better remove them.


Fix 3. End APSDaemon.exe Close iTunes, and then open up Task Manager. Navigate to Processes tab, find APSDaemon.exe and also cshed it. Then go back to iTunes and check out if the issue gets addressed. If this solution works, take the complying with actions to prevent doing the very same thing eexceptionally time your restart your Windows 10 computer: go to Run > enter msconfig > click Startup tab > unexamine "Apple Push" > hit on OK > reboot computer.

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Fix 4. Rerelocate SC files If there"s no APSDaemon.exe file, rerelocate SC papers, and then restart computer and iTunes to have a shot.

Fix 5. Repair or reinstall QuickTime To repair QuickTime, go to Control Panel, then Programs and also Features, click QuickTime, and also tap on Repair.

Fix 6. Move iTunes preference folder Move one of iTunes choice folders to the desktop computer and also check out if iTunes not responding on Windows 10 error persists. If it does, move it earlier and also attempt one more folder. Below are the places for those folders: C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalApple ComputeriTunes C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunes

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Without iTunes, We Can also Manage, Backup, Transfer iOS Files

If you still save iTunes and endure iTunes freezing on your Windows 10 computer system from time to time or various other iTunes errors because you need it to manage your documents of iPhone iPad iPod, currently it"s time to discard it. You have the right to control, backup and also deliver iOS records in a a lot less complicated means. That is WinX MediaTrans.

WinX MediaTrans is an iPhone file manager, specially designed as an iTunes different for Windows (10). It is obtainable to move photos, music, videos, audio publications, podcasts and more between iPhone/iPad/iPod and COMPUTER. Other great functions include: develop music playlists, make iPhone ringtones, rerelocate DRM from iTunes purchases, rotate iPhone as a flash drive, and so on.

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Contrasted through iTunes, it has many benefits, for example: • It features easy-to-understand interchallenge and operation; • It permits you to deliver selected content to PC or to iDevice; • It completely support iTunes purchased media and non-iTunes media; • Incompatible video audio documents will be converted to playable format immediately throughout PC to iPhone transfer; • No data loss, no slow sync, no constant freeze and other errors happening to iTunes.

So, why not complimentary downfill this iTunes different to have actually a shot, and remain ameans from freeze difficulty on Windows 10 forever! It"s safe to use!



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